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How To Style With Abstract Art

How To Style With Abstract Art

Intrepid designer David Hicks on how to work with the on-trend art style

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

Understanding abstract art can be difficult; knowing what to do with it sometimes even more so. Here, interior designer David Hicks and abstract art connoisseur directs in how to work with the dynamic style.

Forego matching with your space

“I don’t believe art has to match an interior as it is an expression of what you love. Sometimes though, if it is colourful and so is your interior then it can clash. If you want to tie the art into the interior, look for colours or tones in the piece that will layer in with your interior. They don’t have to match but [they] need to complement. You can also tie art in by framing it in black, gold, silver or many various other trims and colours that may pick up detail in your furniture.”

Tip 1: "Finding an art piece which adds a next-level quality to your scheme is more important than matching it perfectly"

Be creative with placement

“It really depends on the piece. We display art in our interiors in many ways, from hanging directly onto white walls, or hanging over mirror, timber or wallpaper panelled walls. This can give depth to the room and also creates an interesting backdrop for the artwork. I always like to let a painting breathe and have space around the piece so you can really enjoy the colours and shapes in the work.”

Tip 2: "Consider layering unique abstract arts prints against each other on a mantle for a stylishly undone look"

Combine with other art styles

Q: Are there any other art styles which you think complements abstract art in a collection?

“Combining art can be very organic and loose. You can have a classic masterpiece alongside a contemporary abstract piece; colour with black and white; figurative with linear, and it goes on. There are no rules, as such.

What I look for is a synergy between pieces. This may be colours, shapes, textures, the framing or any other aspects that may allow you to layer. Art is the one thing that does not really have to match so it can basically be a collection which is a reflection of what you like and get inspiration from.”

Tip 3: "Choose a maximum of three art styles to keep your collection cohesive but interesting"

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