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Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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For the first month of 2023, the January blues took on a whole new meaning as blue interiors taking centre stage. From rich navy furniture to cool blue walls, this classic hue proved popular with instagram's discerning audience. Balanced with neutrals for a softer feel, these spaces, designed by some of the world’s most esteemed designers, serve as interior inspiration for the year to come.

Quintessa’s minimalist artwork

This living room, with Quintessa artwork on the walls, is a lesson in relaxed elegance. Boasting monochromatic tones and plenty of texture, this is how to do transitional minimalism well. Here, the dark wood of the side unit perfectly juxtaposes the abstract, plaster pieces that hang above. The result is a timeless yet inviting living space.

Sophie Paterson’s blue living room

Known for her inimitable approach to classic design, Sophie Paterson has proven once again that her style never falters. Arranging these shelves just so, Paterson’s use of accessories ties the space together without feeling cluttered or over done. Similarly, by using a blue trim on her curtains, she incorporates the hue of the season throughout the scheme, bringing depth to an otherwise neutral space.

Helen Green’s french doors

Bright, fresh and with plenty of natural light, this space by Helen Green Design works just as well in the greyer, winter months as it does in the height of summer. A key consideration when designing a home, let this space be an example of blending cool shades with warm golds so that it looks inviting no-matter the natural light available.

An elegant monochrome dressing room

A dressing room we’d all be jealous of. Helen Green has opted for a monochrome palette for the wardrobes in this country residence, unsurprisingly executing it to perfection. Softening the structured space with a seating area and plenty of cushions, the British designer also makes use of lighting to both add a focal point and to offer a warm glow to the dark room.

Far Studio’s light-filled entryway

Panelled walls and a light wood table collide in this inviting entryway, balancing simplicity with striking accents. Instead of artwork on the walls, a large branch acts as the main decoration in the space, arranged in a large, ceramic vase. Here, Far Studio proves that texture and materials can do all of the talking.

Banda’s white and grey bedroom

Known for their excellent combinations of natural materials, Banda’s portfolio is certainly something to be admired. For this bright bedroom, a balloon-like lighting fixture hangs above the bed adding a sense of playfulness to the traditional panelling and detailed cornice. Never ones to shy away from the beauty of marble, a fireplace ties the colour scheme together perfectly.

Mokka Design’s muted living room

Another example of a scheme incorporating blue tones into the living room, this space by Mokka Designs has used velvet armchairs and a floral arrangement to subtly punctuate the space. Above the seating area, a striking light fixture ties the space together and adds some much-needed curved lines and brass tones to this otherwise masculine room.

Jarad Design’s blue velvet sofa

Now a firm favourite in the design world, blue velvet sofas instantly create a luxurious feeling. Here, the rich blue is complimented by golden accents in the glass coffee table and the wall art, creating a cohesive look that isn’t over saturated in colour. Style your coffee table with plenty of layered accessories for a similar look.