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Inside the Ace Hotel Toronto

A blend of 70s references and biophilic design, take a look inside this stylish city hotel.

Carina Bartle
By Carina Bartle, VP Sales & Partnerships

Set in the heart of Toronto, the Ace Hotel’s latest addition to its portfolio has just been revealed. Atelier Ace (Ace Hotel’s in-house design team) drew upon both the landscape of Ontario, with its dense forests and looping riverways, and the city’s principle industry of manufacturing and textiles to influence the direction of the interiors

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The result is an innately warm space with references from the 70s, a nod to the biophilic and a slight touch of the industrial. With its enviable interior and relaxed feel, this is a lesson in city style.

Inside the Ace Hotel Toronto | Style Guide
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Inspired by the clay bricks of the Don Valley - the pinnacle of the city’s visual identity – the facade of the Ace Hotel is adorned in structured panels of brick, only disturbed by the building’s distinct, swooping opening. Mimicked in the infrastructure throughout, this line forms a rhythmic series of soaring, poured-in-place, concrete structural arches.

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Clad in red oak, the lobby is suspended by steel rods above the entryway. Despite the abundance of concrete, the space feels warm and full of texture. Opting for blonde wood furniture and deeper toned linen upholstery, the space has a feeling of elevated outdoor living, which, with its vast windows, seems only natural. Foliage plays an integral role in softening the space and bringing it to life, tied into the green upholstery of some of the sofas Atelier Ace have achieved a space that reflects the structure of the city with the views overlooking St. Andrew’s Park just outside.

Inside the Ace Hotel Toronto | Style Guide
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Below, the hotel’s restaurant can be found down the cascading suspended staircase. With a relaxed and similarly warm feel, the restaurant presents a moodier take on the upstairs palette. A deep terracotta paint covers the stairs whilst warm wooden furniture sets off the dark backdrop. Walls of firewood add texture and a rustic touch to the otherwise polished space.

Samos Small Sculpted Sconce
Samos Small Sculpted Sconce

Header Image: Ace Hotel Toronto, photographer: William Jess Laird