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The Best Scented Candles to Fill Your Home with This Year

A new year is made that much more fragrant with the introduction of new candles. Here are our favourites.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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A new year is made that much more fragrant with the introduction of new candles. Our favourites are those wax-filled treasures that put us at ease, promoting feelings of calm and peace. When choosing candles for your home, the quality of your candle will impact how well it perfumes your home. Seek out candles that feature refined ingredients and have a higher concentration of oils, making them more aromatic and longer lasting. With an ever-growing selection of scents available, it can be difficult to decipher which kind of candle would work best for your home. Gently spiced fragrances that are filled with cinnamon and sandalwood are ideal for creating a rich and inviting atmosphere. Citrus and floral notes work well to bring a sense of freshness and levity to your room. Fine candle fragrances present a refined collection of complex notes, strategically layered to create a beautiful and seamless blend of aromas.

The decorative vessels that house these fine fragrances can also be considered objects of desire themselves. From precious stones to hand-made Murano glass, your candle’s exterior also brings visual interest to your interior. You can also discover our Candle Buying Guide for more helpful insight into buying a luxury candle. We have curated our list of the best-scented candles to make your home cosy and inviting all year round. Each of these pieces presents a unique scent to help you relax and unwind. We also recommend investing in diffusers alongside your favourite candles to enjoy a long-lasting fragrance throughout your home.

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Maxi Wax Malia Candle by Baobab

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of Malia from Baobab, exquisitely adorned with a kinetic floral design in verdant green and vibrant coral hues. The mesmerising play of light through the glass adds a magical touch. Notes of delicate hyacinth, uplifting lily and enchanting almond blossom come together to create an enticing aroma.

Cherry Blossom Candle by Michael Aram

A beautifully botanical scent, the Cherry Blossom candle from Michael Aram offers the aromas of iris petals, fresh fig, lily of the valley, jasmine blossom and green moss—an ideal choice for those seeking a delicate yet refreshing scent to fill their home. The gold floral detailing on the candle lid also wonderfully references its leading note of cherry blossom.

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Ernesto Classic Candle by Cire Trudon

With age comes expertise, the same would apply to Cire Trudon, the world's oldest wax maker. Their Ernesto candle honours the legacy of Cuban revolutionary, Ernest Che' Guevera and his love of cigars. An intoxicating combination of leather and tobacco comes together in this spiced and rich scent.

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Salzburg Pine Candle by AERIN

Inspired by its namesake, AERIN's Salzburg candle offers an Alpine escape with its relaxing pine and fir balsam scent. A hint of cinnamon and clove finishes this inviting fragrance. Its minimal and elegant packaging also allows it to pair well with a variety of interior design styles.

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Vanilla Lune Candle by Greg Natale

Striking bone china is a fine choice for the Vanilla Lune candle from Australian interior designer, Greg Natale. Crafted with real silver accents, this luxurious candle is sure to cast a soft glow over your coffee table. Get lost in the essence of sweet-smelling vanilla, a classic scent that will enrich and delight. Base notes of tobacco, fig and sandalwood are woody and rich, balancing the sweetness of the vanilla.

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Lazuli Candle by Baobab

Notes of sea salt and musk come together in the elegant Lazuli candle from Baobab. Taking inspiration from the distinctive deep blue Lapis Lazuli stone, this candle is a treasure to take home. Decorated with markings of white and blue, it is sure to make a visual impression as well as a sensory one.