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8 Great British Interior Designers

A salute to some of the most inspiring British-based interior designers

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

There’s something about the British interior design style that has captivated the world for decades. It’s placed on a pedestal for being distinctive, effortless and influential because whether it’s in fashion, music or interior design, attempts to emulate British style are constant.

From Nicky Haslam’s decorative masterpieces to Laura Hammett’s perfect fusion of classic and contemporary, discover our list of the best British interior designers the UK has to offer.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Oliver Burns
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1. Oliver Burns

First on our list of English interior designers is Oliver Burns, the UK interior design house founded by Joe Burns and his wife Sharon Lilywhite over 13 years ago, takes a deserving slot in our shortlist.

Its projects are quintessentially British and home to the finest finishes and classic furniture pieces. ‘Thoughtful Luxury’ is the philosophy the firm lives by and uses to influence every project it undertakes.

The husband and wife duo strive and succeed to balance aesthetics and functionality, attentively considering every last detail to produce spaces that are perfect for modern living. And while modernity is close to the firm’s heart so too is the past and, in true British interior design style, Oliver Burns is dedicated to preserving and restoring Britain’s incredible historical architecture.

Its very first project returned a ramshackle Grade II listed mansion to life but its most notable restoration has to be the renovation of Walpole Mayfair, which saw the team sensitively restore the home of Britain’s first prime minister.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Helen Green Design
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2. Helen Green Design

Helen Green Design is another unmissable force in the British interior design field. The English design house, founded by the late Helen Green in 2002 and headed by Creative Lead Alexandra Jurkiewicz, boasts unrivalled skills in achieving effortless elegance.

Its projects include onshore and offshore feats, having transformed private yachts as well as homes in luxurious locations such as Belgravia, Barbados and Val d’Isère. The combination of modern and traditional elements in addition to understated colour palettes flattered with exquisite upholstery and rich woods are invariables in the firm’s interior endeavours.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - René Dekker
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3. René Dekker

Next on our round up of the top British Interior Designers is René Dekker. With experience that spans 25 years, this London-based interior designer knows all the tricks of the trade. The designer has been awarded a string of deserved accolades for his spaces which always embody a luxurious and opulent sensibility.

Most often than not, Dekker starts with a neutral canvas, painting walls in subtle shades of taupe and mushroom, and lets the details do the talking. Parquet flooring, animal skin rugs and antique fire surrounds are just a few of these sublime details. Not forgetting to mention the restored wall mouldings, coloured upholstery and bespoke furniture.

Where does Dekker spread his interior design magic? At the most discerning addresses across the globe from Moscow and Europe to China and the USA. And like so many of the best English interior designers out there, he’s also been hired to revamp private yachts, luxury restaurants and boutique hotels.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Laura Hammett
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4. Laura Hammett

The British-born interior designer set up her eponymous firm with Aaron Hammett in 2008, specialising in luxury residential projects across the world but particularly in Britain’s most coveted hotspots, including Kensington, Knightsbridge and Henley-on-Thames.

Every project by this British design super-couple is directed with the pursuit of classic contemporary excellence in mind. Their combined 25 years experience enables the pair to create elegant colour schemes with their eyes closed and you know any space they touch is going to be occupied by the most beautiful home accessories.

As well as working on contemporary homes, the firm has also transformed several listed buildings with the utmost care and precision, bringing them into a modern-day focus whilst maintaining their original characteristics. And for the shopaholics out there, Laura Hammett’s stylish storage solutions are the stuff fashionistas’ dreams are made of.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Kelly Hoppen
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5. Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen has firmly established herself as the head of one of the most famous British interior design houses. The designer has well and truly perfected the art of interior design with her signature look which is all about neutral tones and lots of them – whites, greys, beiges and, her all-time favourite, taupe. These calm colour palettes and her integration of eastern and western influences result in balanced interiors.

Beautiful textures are also important to the designer and are a mainstay in her interior projects to bring a feeling warmth and comfort. Carefully contemplated lighting and luxurious but low-key accessories are why the English design guru counts a host of high-profile commercial collaborators and A-list celebrities as clients, including Victoria and David Beckham, Madonna and Elton John.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Veere Grenney Associates
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6. Veere Grenney Associates

Powerful juxtapositions are Veere Grenney’s speciality – coupling the old and the new with restraint and grandeur. With over 30 years experience, the man who trained under reputable interior designer Mary Fox Linton started his company back in 1996 and has been called to both sides of the Atlantic for his sought-after style.

If you’re the owner of an ample art collection, Grenney knows how to flaunt canvasses like no other (wall art is intrinsic to the majority of his projects.) Wood flooring, interesting furniture silhouettes and patterned wallpaper bring further character to his designs. 

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Nicky Haslam
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7. Nicky Haslam

There’s a reason Nicky Haslam made it on our list of the best British interior designers. He has been commissioned to design the homes of rock and roll royalty, such as Mick Jagger, Ringo Starr and Bryan Ferry, and that’s because his decorative projects have a distinctly glamorous attitude.

The English interior designer started practicing his craft in 1972, founding his firm NH Design in the late 1980s, and has since developed a world-renowned reputation for his extraordinary creative vision. His portfolio includes private residences, restaurants and offices that span from the English countryside to New Orleans. A

wash with ornate wall mouldings, plush upholstery and period artefacts, Haslam’s projects make historical characteristics shine in a 21st century light. Bold floral prints, grandiose chandeliers and striking works of art are staples in his remarkable British home designs.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Katharine Pooley
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8. Katharine Pooley

Next on our list of the top UK interior designers is Katharine Pooley. Possessing a talent for creating quality at-home beauty, Katharine is regularly commissioned to work on properties in the most prestigious postcodes.

Highly inspired by her extensive travels, no two of the London-based designer’s projects are the same but a running thread of timeless elegance is sewn throughout her work. Her go-to colour palettes include grey, cream and taupe, often offset with dark upholstery and wood.

Truly desirable lighting features and plush fabrics reside in Pooley’s living spaces; traditional cabinetry takes over kitchens; and white marble gives bathrooms a luxury factor that doesn’t age.

Thanks to her eye for quality craftsmanship, Pooley has also expanded into curating a personal homeware range, filled with thoughtfully created products that often pay tribute to mother nature’s beautiful creatures and foliage.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - David Collins
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9. David Collins Studio

For a masterclass in British interior design, study the work of the late David Collins. His London-based design house has undertaken a diverse range of residential and commercial projects, which include Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo stores as well as the homes of celebrities including Madonna, no less.

The Dublin-born designer established his consultancy in 1985 and the design DNA he built into his firm still lives on after his passing thanks to his loyal team. The tasteful British interior designs feature stunning elements, from hand-embroidered walls and eclectic antiques to velvet upholstery.

Best of British Interior Design - Top British Designers - Louise Bradley
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10. Louise Bradley

We finish our roundup of famous British interior designers with Louise Bradley. Whether it’s a Switzerland chalet, a country cottage or villa in Kuwait, Louise can do justice to any space with her impeccable taste and enviable artistic insight.

The creative confirmed her name in the industry’s master list when she started her business in 1991 and has since earned herself an esteemed reputation. Proportion is a factor that takes precedence when approaching her projects and Bradley values the tiny features in a room with the same consideration she gives to large furniture pieces.

Muted room schemes, out-of this-world fabrics and metallic finishes make up some of endless exquisite components in Bradley’s work. As expected, the designer’s very own range of furniture, accessories and fabrics is just as elegant as her interior design ventures.

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