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Instagram Inspiration: Loaded Coffee Table Tray Ideas

Instagram Inspiration: Loaded Coffee Table Tray Ideas

As seen on Instagram, these designer tray arrangements serve up style

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

Whether fashion, make up, mantras or, indeed, interiors, Instagram inspiration is one of the best out there. Every day the app provides a steady stream of interesting spaces, decor vignettes and new colour palettes to train our design eyes and give ideas for the next big project. Luckily some of our favourite designers are keen to share their perfectly styled interior design projects with some of our favourite shots being those close crops which allows us to see all the detail of their curated accessory displays. This month – trays.

If there’s anything contemporary styling teaches us, it’s the power of the tray. On coffee tables, desks, consoles, dressers… it makes no difference – the addition of a well-curated tray of interesting finds (however minimalist or maximalist) instantly pulls together an area of a room together, adds another layer to a surface and makes styling like a professional seem like a breeze. Here are six of our recent favourites, all available to shop at

Andrée Putman Round Vertigo Tray
Andrée Putman Round Vertigo Tray
Instagram Inspiration – Loaded Coffee Table Trays – Shop at

Top your tray with a vaseful of pretty blooms for a simple coffee table centrepiece. Mix textures (like in this HUSH Design arrangement) to create an interesting interplay – high-shine with matte, delicate with angular, smart with soft.

A Giobagnara tray vignette by Laura Hammett, loaded with AERIN candle and match box sleeve, Michael Aram Ginkgo candle snuffer and shallow bowl, rests on a round pouffe. The vignette mirrors the warm grey tones of the upholstery, complemented by subtle brass detailing.

JHR Interiors strikes a classic balance by accessorising this cream AERIN shagreen tray with a D. H. Lawrence candle, AERIN match box sleeve and a Culti diffuser (not pictured). In the background are a stack of books topped with a magnifying glass, a perfect counterpart to a tray vignette.

Instagram Inspiration – Loaded Coffee Table Trays – Shop luxury accessories at

Never one to underestimate a beautiful home fragrance, Taylor Howes’ showcases its exclusive creation on a Forwood Design faux shagreen tray. A fashionable Chanel book by Assouline and a fresh flower sprig is the only addition required.

Anchored by a moody taupe and navy blue colour palette, Miami and London-based design studio Light On White’s tailored arrangement is best seen from above. The layered Giobagnara trays complement the tones of the silky rug and coffee table; its bronze hardware enhancing the glossy metallic tones of the Michael Aram feather tray. A pure white coral sculpture advances against the darkened background, offering visual and actual height.

A loaded tray vignette is an easy way to add mass to sometimes “weightless” glass coffee tables. BM Design includes a round Giobagnara tray in a complementary cream leather in one corner of a classic contemporary coffee table arrangement, dressed with neutral books, a candle and moss pot. Stacked storage boxes, decorative bowls, sculptures and a vase of white ranunculus accessorise the other quarters of the table.

Watch this space for more As Seen On Instagram features coming soon.

Dove Shagreen Serving Tray
Dove Shagreen Serving Tray