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Interior Design Trends for 2020

Discover the top trends to look out for in 2020

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

As another calendar year comes to a close, the world’s lifestyle press turns its attention to 2020’s interior design trends. But with trend reports left, right and centre—not all offering up the same style suggestions—deciphering the front-runners is no easy feat.

So where does the LuxDeco interior design team stand on what’s to come for decorating trends in 2020? Read on as we reveal our top interior design trends in store over the coming twelve months.

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Image Credit: Oursin Paris

1. Plaster finishes

Touted to be one of the major upcoming colour trends, plaster wall textures and finishes are part of the new neutrals camp. Case in point—Paris’ new Oursin restaurant, designed by fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, has become an instant classic thanks to its ceramic-filled plaster walls.

Another designer known most for flying its flag is Rose Uniacke whose minimalism meets beautifully classic aesthetic often centres around this muted yet wholesome set of colours; the accompanying texture is just as earthy as the tone.

Such raw, unpainted plaster will be celebrated more and more as an accepted form of interior decoration, rather than a mid-stage in the preparatory process soon to be covered up. It’s a look that’s very much in line with the ‘less is more’ school of thought.

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2. The new country

Often, it is the design-savvy hotels, galleries and restaurants of the world that inspire interior design trends—they behave almost as a couturier’s catwalk.

It can take a season or two for those colours and styling decisions to trickle down to the masses; such was seen with this head-turning modern country decor establishment (above) last year.

The opening of Heckfield Place in Hampshire attracted attention far and wide for its Belgian-esque interior, presenting the quintessential English country house in a far more subdued, pared down way. A dedication to beautifully made furniture and accessories from natural materials, placed sparsely so each could be appreciated fully, is its trademark, and is set to redefine the approach to country-style interiors for the forthcoming seasons.

Such raw, unpainted plaster will be celebrated more and more as an accepted form of interior decoration, rather than a mid-stage in the preparatory process soon to be covered up. It’s a look that’s very much in line with the ‘less is more’ school of thought.

Fullerton Pendant
Fullerton Pendant

3. Quiet design

Very much linked to the tone set by trends one and two, the love for underdone design deepens as 2020 approaches. This interiors trend is often referred to as ‘quiet design’, and ironically, it will be making much more noise throughout 2020.

Not only are honest materials and simplified furniture shapes an antidote to the hectic pace of modern day life, they provide the necessary space for more focus to be granted on fewer, naturally beautiful items.

A less populated space full of natural materials means less competition, so the furniture and accessories you do choose to feature thrive and have room to breathe.

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4. Double coffee tables

Now to the furniture front.

Double coffee tables are big news for living room trends in 2020. Most designers suggest placing two identical tables side by side—the symmetry is innately pleasing and makes the design presence twice as strong.

Or, choose two that have just one slight difference for a more playful composition. For example, you might have the exact same shape, material and designer, but one is at a lower height than the other. The staggered height creates visual interest without losing the required sympathy between the two pieces to connect them.

Consider your new living room statement sorted.

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5. Muted colour contrasts

In the name of all things easygoing and understated (a common theme for 2020’s interiors), even colour contrasts have lowered their tone to disagree or interrupt rather than clash or stop you in your tracks.

Studio Ashby presents this point to perfection with its use of tonally in-balance colour couplings.

Pick out hues that achieve colour harmony, and that doesn’t mean light and dark cannot go alongside one another. Rather, you might not necessarily pick polar opposites, favouring instead a softer dark hue alongside a darker pale so the difference between the two is still felt but mightily reduced.

Calinda Tall Vase, Aqua
Calinda Tall Vase, Aqua

6. Murals

How you choose to decorate the walls in your home is not to be governed by the latest colour trends alone.

Emerging as one of 2020’s interior design trends to take note of are wall murals. These can be interpreted in many ways, from panels of paintings that dominate a single wall to mural wallpaper that wraps around the entire room in a maximalist way.

Colourful or monochromatic, living room or bedroom murals, abstract or botanical, the direction you decide to take yours down will only ever end somewhere exciting and enlivening.

Geo Mirror
Liang & Eimil
Geo Mirror
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7. Rippling curves

Last year’s interiors shows were all about the lozenge effect—that capsule form that influenced furniture and accessories silhouettes far and wide. 2020, on the other hand is likely to witness a rise in undulating outlines that transform the playful wave into something grown-up and chic thanks to the finishes it will be paired with.

Imagine handsome velvet headboards, linen lampshades and decorative ceramic vases all with rise and fall rims and trims. Room-softening tactics indeed.

Corvo Large Vase
Corvo Large Vase

8. Wall collections

Maybe murals aren’t part of your vocabulary. If not, wall decor in 2020 also encompasses curated groupings whereby you pick a theme and cluster multiple objets to form a statement display.

The result is a highly sculptural collection of wall art that introduces a level of character to a room that paint or paper would struggle to achieve, because they literally leap off the wall for attention. It’s a look that works in both modern and traditional homes, just as any form of art does.

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9. Tapestry

The wall tapestry has become an unexpected addition to the art collections of modern homes of late.

No longer a mainstay of stuffy country homes, it has been seen in the interiors of cutting edge design studios Studio Ashby, Ashe & Leandro, Arent & Pyke and this San Francisco Designer Showcase room by Heather Hilliard. The tactile textures, rich imagery and traditional palettes are perfectly showcased in these pared back gallery-like spaces.

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10. Easy textiles

We end with one last look at the overarching trend for ease, subtlety and harmony in the home with this final 2020 textile trend. Laidback linen is the driving force behind the easy textile trend with the effortlessly elegant, loose-covered linen sofa being the main muse.

But to the living room it is not reserved as relaxed fabrics have a big place in the bedroom too. Loosely draped and lightweight throws at the foot of the bed are one thing, but linen bedding continues to soar in popularity over classic cotton, and even charmingly crumpled valances are rumoured to be making a comeback.

Watch this space.