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Introducing The Sloane Collection

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Somewhere between casual effortlessness and fine living is found The Sloane Collection. A masterclass in the art of balance, it’s one which tiptoes gracefully between two styles—minimally-minded modernism on one side and classically-inspired traditionalism on the other—and unites them with ease.

It trades pattern and colour for texture and forgoes extravagant furniture in favour of timeless designs with strong silhouettes in a move that speaks to a less-is-more mentality. It schools in the elegance of positive and negative space, works a monochrome palette with softened but invigorating contrasts and melds designs du jour with well-loved ones for maximum impact.

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The living room arrangement serves as a case study in the collection’s dual appeal. At once comfortable and impressive, it plays with scale and form in a way that lends to both. The clean-lined, capacious sofa, laden with luxury cushions in shades of olive green, white and taupe, commands attention at the centre of the room—its low profile and generously deep seat sending a loud-and-clear signal that it is for guilt-free relaxation only.

Flanking the contemporary sofa are two grand latticed display cabinets in an impossibly black hue. Dark and moody, theirs is a slightly different aura. Their inherent form nods to a more traditional aesthetic which has been updated with a bold character. The jet black wood is far from imposing though. Instead it complements the palette of the sofa in a subtle take on monochrome—the sooty depths of the cabinets contrasting the crisp white showstopper.

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The balancing act continues in the collection’s dining room arrangement. As its key piece, an homage to the iconic Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann—a brass trimmed U-base dining table. The statement piece is given its rightful place with the help of restrained chair designs, an airy chandelier suspended overhead the breathing room that comes with a light-filled space.

Elsewhere, silken rugs are laid underfoot, sculptural lighting adorns vertical space and soothing artwork draws on the frosty tones of winter. Season-defying faux florals (the most joyful of winter hacks) and textural decor reminds one that if cooler months are to mean more time indoors, there had better be beautiful things around to look at.

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To those with a persuasion for the understated, a desire for simplicity, the Sloane Collection strikes an elegant balance.

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