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Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

Where to begin with bedroom lighting?

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Bedrooms require bright, uplifting light when morning dawns yet an atmospheric, intimate glow come nightfall.

Questions of whether spotlights are too harsh, if wall lights are better placed than bedside lamps, and at what height to hang a pendant all come to mind when deliberating how to illuminate a boudoir. Read on for our advice on all these bedroom lighting conundrums and more…

Statement Bedroom Ceiling Lights | Bedroom Lighting Ideas | Bedroom Lighting Tips |
Mill Ceiling Light, Silver
Mill Ceiling Light, Silver

Statement Bedroom Ceiling Lights

There’s no law on how many bedroom ceiling lights is too many. The size of the room and the height of the ceiling has much to do with any decisions. For example, a low-ceilinged cottage will struggle to take a central chandelier unlike a manor house with towering heights.

If there is opportunity for a statement pendant, consider its size in relation to what it’s suspended over to ensure the room feels proportioned. In this first LuxDeco-styled bedroom, the Deco overhead light is purposefully narrower than the bed frame’s dimensions. It serves to highlight the bed as the room’s principal feature and to not challenge its status.

With pendant lights, there’s a feeling of obligation to hang them low. This, however, is something seen more with kitchen and living room pendant lights dangling over islands and coffee tables. In a bedroom scenario, the only time to do this is if you’ve selected pendant bedside lamps where the flex falls to just above any bedside table or shelf.

Sculptural bedroom table lamps | Bedroom Lighting Ideas | Bedroom Lighting Tips |
Antiqued White Phoebe Table Lamp
Kelly Wearstler
Antiqued White Phoebe Table Lamp

Sculptural bedroom table lamps

Generally in the top spot for bedroom lights are those that are placed on the surface either side of the bed. Not only do these provide you with useful lighting for bedtime reading (try to choose a base that allows the shade to come to shoulder height when you’re propped up in bed), but they’re fantastic for ambient, mood lighting, softly illuminating the whole room.

Whether it’s bedroom table lamps or any other type of lighting, it’s important to not go overboard and have the same source repeated too many times. Two lamps will often suffice, but if there’s another surface ripe for a decorative lamp, such as at the end of a dressing table, then three remains a safe quantity too.

Another common bedside lighting source used by interior designers are LED bulbs on flexes that can be built into the headboard. These might offer a helpful beam for a nightly novel session, but they lack the sculptural sophistication that a lamp embodies. Remember, your table lamp is only partly about function. A huge part of its role in the room is a decorative exhibit.

Discreet Bedroom Wall Lights | Bedroom Lighting Ideas | Bedroom Lighting Tips |
Whitman Small Bronze Sconce
Visual Comfort & Co.
Whitman Small Bronze Sconce

Discreet Bedroom Wall Lights

The number one lighting design rule that applies in a home’s reception rooms rings true in the bedroom too – that of needing multiple light sources at different heights. The reason for this is it spreads the light throughout the whole expanse of the room, from ceiling to floor, and promises different strengths and patterns of beam.

Bedroom wall lights lend themselves well to helping you achieve this layered look. In a room where space is at a premium, bedside lamps can appear too bulky and fussy. In this Echlin Levenston House bedroom, two lamps would have complicated the look. The shade would have either interrupted the cushion statement, the headboard or artwork. By choosing a brass wall lamp that both up-lights and down-lights, there’s no such hurdle. They slip into place quietly and stylishly, and produce pretty background lighting.

Slender Bedroom Floor Lamps | Bedroom Lighting Ideas | Bedroom Lighting Tips |
Montreuil Floor Lamp, Gild
Montreuil Floor Lamp, Gild

Slender Bedroom Floor Lamps

Out of all of the possible ways to illuminate your sleeping chamber, a bedroom floor lamp is likely to be overlooked. Yet, including one in the corner by a bedroom chair, or aside a dressing table in place of a smaller lamp proves how effective and simple to master this final lighting idea can be.

Floor-standing lamps, just like any lighting design, range from classic to nouveau, from chrome to brass and from minimal to majestic. A bedroom setting however calls for those that are on the simpler side of design, because illuminating a bedroom is about subtlety rather than showmanship. The lighting should serve to either lull or awaken you slowly, therefore it makes sense for the designs to sit back in your decor.

This Elicyon bedroom presents this beautifully with its traditional brass and cream linen shade floor lamp settling into its less than traditional surroundings with ease. Kept to the corner, its slender stem and small footprint make it but a whisper of an addition to the scheme.