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The New Timeless: The Riverside Luxury Apartment Collection

The New Timeless: The Riverside Luxury Apartment Collection

Our designers discuss the new season collection’s luxurious high-rise style

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Smart styling never goes out of style and our newest Riverside Apartment collection – inspired by London’s power residents – is London styling at its best. Hallmarking the “new timeless”, the collection defines city living as contemporary and comfortable.

Explore each look and hear what the designers behind them have to reveal about their design inspirations.

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The Living Room

Smart, unisex and fuss-free, the living room exhibits classic style know-how with a careful cocktail of versatile furniture paired with a twist on the popular blue and white colour palette. Choosing a dusk blue and pearly neutrals in favour of the more high-contrast colour duo makes the space remarkably timelessness whilst being warm and inviting.

A tailored L-shaped sofa, in a refined silver hue, and accent blue velvet smart tub chairs with a unique cut-out back detail divided by a circular cut out shelf side table by Smania, maximise space and comfort with a design staying power that defies trends. Sculptural metal shelving units – a mark of modern interiors – stand effortlessly as a unique and functional backdrop to the space, providing an instant focal point with personality-injecting potential, especially when filled with the collection’s decor of choice, artistic coloured glass vases. And making the case for less-is-more design (as well as the increasingly popular trend of doubling up), two matching barely-there glass and powder-coated steel coffee tables, on a stone and ivory maze-like rug, complete the stylish seating arrangement. Overhead, waterfall-like tiers of crystal suspend, adding shimmers of light, and spotlit monochromatic abstract artwork spin a creative flair.

“Without a doubt, this is the London look at the moment”, says Linda, “Our high-end clients love a rich neutral base – which is the more flattering neutral for cloudy London weather than all grey neutrals – with cooler accent colours, like deep blues, to keep the look feeling modern. The L-shaped sofa is extremely popular for small city apartments because it maximises the foot print. And the chaise section is always fought over for relaxing of course!”

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The Dining Room

“This may be our favourite room, collectively,” says LuxDeco interior designer Joanne Quinn of the dining room. The designer points out the contrast fabric and brass nailhead trim Granthan dining chairs which surround the best-selling Granthan table, now rendered in a luxurious wenge high gloss. “The fret-like motif is just enough of a pattern to add interest but it’s not overwhelming which suits a smaller city dining room. And that’s enhanced by the Tracery Rug by Kelly Wearstler for The Rug Company which we’re using in our next interior design project,” the designer reveals.

An eye-catching John-Richard mirror of interlocking organic shapes hangs above a U-shaped console table – a classic design that has seamlessly transitioned into a updated setting – and a crystal shard chandelier by Illuminati lights the space with its modern glow.

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The Master Bedroom

With its tailored lines and petrol blue and cream palette, the master bedroom takes style notes from the living room and the result is equally calming.

A Bernhardt Profile bench sits at the end of a capacious bed whose sateen headboard rises up to level with four contrasting burnt orange flecked artworks. The overall look is composed and comfortable which makes the bedroom the ultimate retreat.

Plush cushions, ceramic AERIN Toulon lamps (which provide an rugged organic feel to the otherwise polished room) and the curves of the Lunar armchair soften the space, giving it a wonderfully unisex appeal.

“It’s a space that will age gracefully because we’ve chosen a palette which isn’t too high-contrast – it’s incredibly pleasant for both men and women to enjoy,” Linda mentions, “And the furniture pieces are minimalist, in a way, but not stark so they really are the new timeless. There just isn’t anything to date the style which is the real end goal, yet it feels so current and chic.”

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The Guest Bedroom

“A guest room is where you can play a little,” explains LuxDeco interior designer Rhiannan Evans, “but we were still careful to make it an enduring design. We did that through the Art Deco-inspired starburst bed and pared back accent furniture.” Showcasing popular shagreen finish drawer fronts, the Walton Shagreen bedside tables – a LuxDeco bestseller – smartly flank the dusky rose bed; their “pared back” aesthetic characterised by simple but finely finished detailing in the form of dainty drawer pulls and a simple shadow base.

Referring to the on-trend pink palette of the space, the designer explains, “We chose a more mature pink which is a nod to the exciting interiors we’ve been seeing in the design world but slightly more universal.”

Matching the simple beauty of the room’s furniture pieces, the room offers a strong accessories game too. “The Kate Spade Elsie table lamps are so versatile and could really work anywhere,” suggests Rhiannan, “but we think their simple lines and blush colouring adds a sense of modern pretty to this space.”

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