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Luxury Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for 2024 |

Luxury Gift Ideas for 2024

Get Mother’s Day all wrapped up with our selection of luxury gifts

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer
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Gifts for mum are not always the most straightforward—that is, if you want to go beyond token gestures (for which you know she will always be grateful) and into the realms of presents that show how much thought and effort you’ve put in. These Mother’s Day gift ideas serve to show her that she’s worth splurging on so that when Mothering Sunday comes around this year (on 10th March if you are yet to set a reminder), she can be showered with love, affection and a little well-deserved luxury.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mums to Be

The best Mother’s Day gifts for anybody expecting are those that can be enjoyed now, while awaiting-baby stage is in full swing, but that will also be heaven sent when they decide to make their appearance.

The general consensus amongst the mums-to-be whose opinions we gathered for this Mother’s Day gift guide was that anything which will make them feel pampered during their pregnancy occupied the top of their wishlist. How about a luxury tray on which she can be served breakfast in bed, a cosy sofa throw or a delicately scented candle?

First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

For new mums, Mother’s Day present ideas can either be gifted as though from a baby or from a loved one who appreciates all that has gone into the early days of parenthood.

Pick a pristine photo frame to place next to your bedside filled with a photo of mother and baby, or if in doubt, say it with flowers—be they of the faux, everlasting variety or a vase waiting to be filled.

Unique & Unusual Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gifts for mum needn’t only follow a chocolate, flowers or spa day voucher approach. For more unusual Mother’s Day gifts, look around her home and see what she has chosen to fill it with most, or what she claims she would love to have but never seems quite able to treat herself to.

Is she the artsy type who would appreciate a bronze-cast sculpture to have on show? Or are candles aglow what soothe the day away for her more than anything else, making a set of sophisticated candlestick holders a perfect present contender—ones that are different to any that you’ve spied her using before and which she will therefore cherish even more.

Gift Ideas for Mums who like to Travel

Whether it’s backpacking through the Andes or supine on a sun lounger somewhere exotic, if your mum is a known jet-setter, tailor your Mother’s Day gift to what she loves most (after you, of course).

A more unique Mother’s Day gift might be to present her with an elegant coffee table book to remind her of her favourite exotic destinations. Or perhaps a charming jewellery box to accompany her on each new trip. A luxe tray to have on display is another novel idea, with an inscription in your Mother’s Day card saying that this is somewhere for her to store and admire all of the souvenirs she’s gathered on her many trips.

Gift Ideas for Stylish Mums

Does your mum see every street as a catwalk? Does she arrive for your dinner dates dressed to the nines as though a red carpet awaits? Or is she the utterly turned-out type who is the very definition of effortless, understated elegance? If you answered yes to even one of those, then make her Mother’s Day present as stylish as she is.

Unless you are finely attuned to her style, do some subtle digging into the pieces in her home that she treasures most of all and then look for complementary accessories which echo that aesthetic. Might an on-trend vase be to her liking—the sort that looks as beguiling flower-filled or not? Or consider a cashmere throw that she can choose to drape over the sofa or the foot of the bed—a timeless, crowd-pleasing choice for sure.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Hostess

The final category is dedicated to those mums who are born entertainers, be they dinner party extraordinaires or notorious for their cocktail soirées. Investigate what is missing from her entertainer’s arsenal. Add some character to her cocktail hour with our selection of designer bar accessories, featuring colourful coasters from the world's best accessory brands.