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Top 8 UK Furniture Brands You Need To Know | LuxDeco

Top 8 UK Furniture Brands You Need To Know

Are you looking for British furniture brands with quality designs? Look no further

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

This past year, ‘support local’ has been the mindset of the nation to help sustain homegrown industries and individuals, from UK furniture to British mills and weavers. Consequently, the craft movement has become a greater focus than ever before, but so too has the world seen reason to celebrate the full spectrum of makers, be it the heritage kind or those up-and-coming.

Here our Senior Creative Buyer Jessica Harding shares the eight UK furniture brands to have on your radar for 2021 and beyond.

Top 8 British Furniture Brands You Need To Know | LuxDeco
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Davidson London

In its own words, Davidson London is: “contemporary in style with inspiration from the mid last century dating from the Art Deco period of the 1930s moving through to the 1970s.” And in LuxDeco’s words, its collection of freestanding furniture is the sort with which you’ll never want to part.

A family-run design firm since its inception in 1986, one of its founding figures (Richard Davidson) remains at the helm of the business to this day so that his rich past in antiques dealing continues to inform the look and feel of its creations—always with one foot in British heritage and another in the contemporary customers’ shoes.

Expect strong shapes that want to make themselves known in a room as well as pieces that encourage entertaining such as games tables and drinks cabinets alongside staple pieces including sideboards and bedside tables.

Top 8 British Furniture Brands You Need To Know | LuxDeco
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FBC London

24-carat gold finishes, ornate carvings and a selection of sublime stones—just three of the reasons why FBC London has learnt itself a reputation of being one of the most luxurious English furniture newcomers of the past decade. In fact, its book of finishes has to be one of the most exciting aspects of the design process. Iridescent glass with gold leaf, walnut burr, pink onyx and almost 20 ‘specialist’ finishes that are as transfixing in real life as their tiny thumbnail images suggest.

Founded in 2013 by award-winning designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell, she cites nature as being her greatest muse, evidenced by her growing collection that also exhibits clear influence from centuries gone by. Much of its pieces are handmade in the northeast of England by a carefully chosen team of artisans who each specialise in a different area of production.

Top 8 British Furniture Brands You Need To Know | LuxDeco
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Loom—a lesson in why not to judge a book by its cover. You’d be forgiven for assuming it would be a textile-based brand, but no, Loom is accent tables through and through.

Based in Bristol, its made-in-the-UK collection is first and foremost dedicated to fine metalwork with timber coming through as its second most-used material. Appealing to those with an eye for industrial design but equally to people seeking to add a contemporary element to their interior, Loom’s creations are remarkably versatile, thanks to their restrained palette and lightweight aesthetic that promises a clean, uncomplicated character.

But a Loom design can be playful too. Abstract metallic panels in brass and copper and pebble-shaped tabletops are both pleasant surprises to be found. And naturally, its pieces can be custom-designed. Faux parchment table surface anyone?

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Theodore Alexander

There’s something instantly soothing about the Theodore Alexander collection. Varied as its designs might be, there’s clear union in the pared-down palette of easy neutrals and the visual weight of each piece that signals strength and security that’s seen across the board.

Founded in 1996 by pioneer for high-end furniture production, Paul Maitland Smith, today it describes itself as being one of the finest luxury brands in the world that is committed to creating furniture to last a lifetime.

British born as it may be, Theodore Alexander is a brand with global recognition with interior designers and furniture collectors gathering its pieces in America as much as in Great Britain. A favourite of ours? The Sabon extending dining table with its Mangrove Primavera tabletop and buff leather pedestal base—a future heirloom, no question.