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Explore the Best Whisky Bars & Lounges in the UK

“Of all the whisky joints in all the towns in all the world”, these are the ones to walk into in the UK.

Jonathan Holmes
By Jonathan Holmes, Founder & CEO

Good whisky can be enjoyed even more in the right environment. Whisky bars, whether it’s a home whisky bar or one on the town, are designed to enhance your drinking experience. With a sophisticated and cosy atmosphere and hundreds of bottles of the delicious amber nectar available, whisky bars are a place to relax and unwind.

Langley Decanter
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Langley Decanter

Much to the delight of many whisky connoisseurs, the UK is home to plenty of top-rated whisky bars. Whether it’s a classic Scottish dram or a more unique Japanese tipple, we’ve created a list of the seven best whisky bars in the UK to visit.

Tigermilk at the Duke, Plymouth

As one of Plymouth’s most well-loved bars, Tigermilk serves all the latest cocktails, including dark and delicious whisky cocktails, of course, as well as beer, wine and a quality range of straight whiskies. With highly experienced bartenders, they’ll be able to concoct anything your heart desires.

Inspired by a 1920s-themed speakeasy, Tigermilk offers a relaxed ambience that will make guests feel like they’ve stepped back in time. They also host live music events featuring jazz, blues and soul musicians, making it a perfect spot to enjoy drinks with friends, family and business associates or even for a date night.

Top Whiskey Bars in the UK | The Whiskey Jar | Shop luxury whiskey room furniture online at
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The Whiskey Jar, Manchester

In the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter, found tucked away on Tariff Street, is The Whiskey Jar. The bar has a collection that rivals most with over 300 bottles of dram on offer. While many of the whiskies come from Scotland, you’ll also find bottles from America, Japan, Ireland, England, India, Taiwan, Iceland and Spain.

Star Cut Crystal Ice Bucket
Richard Brendon
Star Cut Crystal Ice Bucket

With a fantastic atmosphere and a dance floor downstairs, it’s no wonder why The Whiskey Jar is so popular. It also offers frequent events which shouldn’t be missed, such as jazz nights, open mic nights, whisky tasting and whisky festivals where they allow you to try a variety of new drinks from their impressive collection.

The Colmore Club, Birmingham

Luxurious and stylish, The Colmore Club in Birmingham is rapidly becoming one of the most exclusive private members clubs to join. Spanning over 3 rooms, members can enjoy the delights of a vast whisky selection, eclectic food menus and like-minded professionals. This bar is ideal for those looking for a private venue to network, socialise or simply take a break from everyday life.

Lismore Short Stories Evolution Tumblers
Lismore Short Stories Evolution Tumblers

Reminiscent of New York-style bars, The Colmore Club features opulent decor where Victorian elegance meets contemporary minimalism. With marbled tables, spectacular chandeliers, cosy corners and a 30 foot bar, you’ll feel suave and sophisticated the moment you enter.

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The Grand Hotel Whiskey Lounge, York

Located inside The Grand Hotel in York, one of the finest hotels to stay in in the Roman-turned-Viking town, this bar is just as lavish as you might expect. Originally built in 1906 as a ‘palace of business’, the Grade II building is an iconic landmark in the city of York and, in 2010, was transformed into the luxury hotel we know and love today.

Intimate and comfortable, the bar offers York’s largest collection of single malts, with an extensive menu filled with almost every whisky you can imagine from around the world. Experienced bartenders guide you through the menu to advise and educate you on the vast choice of drams.

Whiski Rooms, Edinburgh

What better place to enjoy a glass or two of whisky than the Whiski Rooms in Edinburgh? For any whisky lover, a trip to Scotland calls for a visit to this whisky bar. The multi-award winning bar and restaurant serves classic and modern Scottish cuisine along with over 300 whiskies to choose from. Understandably, their Scottish whiskies are their speciality, but they do have a smaller selection of whisky options from around the world to try too.

Olympos Whisky Decanter
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Olympos Whisky Decanter

The Whiski Rooms features an adjoining shop where hundreds of rare and collectable whiskies are available to buy to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. If you’re looking for something new to try, they also offer daily whisky tastings.

The Woods, Bristol

The Woods is Bristol’s go-to whisky spot, which boasts an enormous 400 bottle collection. With a dark and moody ambience, high ceilings, upholstered antique furniture and gallery walls, this bar is reminiscent of an old gentlemen’s club. Here, you’ll find everything from premium Scottish, Irish, Japanese and American whiskies.

Set of 2 Frances Decanters
Set of 2 Frances Decanters

The bar even has its own whisky club, which holds monthly tasting sessions and events where whisky fanatics can gather and share their love of the liquid gold tipple together. They also have a just-as-impressive collection of rums and other spirits if you fancy trying something different.

Puffin Rooms, Liverpool

Known as Liverpool’s most exciting venue, the Puffin Rooms is a relatively new jazz bar that holds over 200 rare whiskies. Elegantly decorated, this bar offers a traditional whisky room appearance. After footballer Wayne Rooney visited, he was inspired to build his own whisky and cigar room.

Fluted Double Old Fashioned
Richard Brendon
Fluted Double Old Fashioned

With jazz music playing every night and blues music on Sundays, this sleek, speakeasy-style joint is a must-visit. Adjacent to the bar, you’ll find a late hour cigar store and sampling lounge where you are welcome to try and purchase a fine cigar after being advised by their trained cigar specialists.

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