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Scandinavian design, but not what you know of it.

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

“Scandi style, ever heard of it? Yeah, ok—it’s not exactly groundbreaking,” explains LuxDeco Commercial Director Jonathon Warren, “But... This isn’t Scandinavian decor as we know it. This is New Nordic—Scandinavian design’s moodier, more masculine descendent.”

Muted, saturated colours, like the slate and rust tones of Begg x Co’s Borderland Arran throw, replace the stark white colour palette of Scandinavian style and darker woods, like those of the Gable Dressing Chest by brand One London House, prevail over the predecessor’s traditional blondes. Both offer a welcome update for Mid-century lovers torn between their respect for the style and their interest in something a little more nuanced.

“Scandi style—ever heard of it? Yeah, ok. But this isn’t quite the Scandinavian decor you know and love.”

Of course, there’s still a focus on clean lines and unadorned silhouettes (naturally), but what really makes this style of the moment is its fondness for the honest use of sustainable materials, of mixing high and low, and supporting traditional craft.

MissoniHome, the legendary fashion house, is new to LuxDeco and though it might hail from Italian shores, the brand's Cordula Leather Round Chair gives off serious Scandinavian vibes with its wrapped leather form which draws on the shapes of Mid-century's iconic chair design.

“The combination of the Missoni chair and the translucent Heathfield Milo Satin pendant light seems to me like the 2021 version—an homage—to Hans Wegner’s Circle chair and Verner Panton’s Fun chandelier. Such a perfect upgrade to one of my favourite design styles,” Jonathon explains, “What was it they said about Mid-century Scandinavian design? 'Beauty in simplicity'? I completely subscribe to that idea, now even more than ever”.

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