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This week's most wanted product selection of earthy tones and plenty of texture.

This Week's Most Wanted: Earthy Tones

The most versatile of colour palettes, earthy tones and natural hues boast relaxing qualities and timeless appeal

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer
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With sights set firmly on the promise of warmer weather, we turn our attention to the wonders that lie beyond the window and with it brings fresh inspiration. It is this inspiration that led to this collection, replete with earthy toned palettes and plenty of strong texture, it not only proves as eye-catching as the view outside, but similarly as timeless. 

Neo Chair
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Liang & Eimil
Neo Chair
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Influenced by biophilic spaces, but with a more relaxed sensibility I am all for adding texture at every turn and not being afraid to mix the unexpected. Sit velvet dining chairs atop a thick woven rug like this incredible Lavello classic and then mix in some accessories. I believe that even the most ordinary of pieces, once brought to life, deserve to be seen in a space, even if it is a waste bin. This one by SV CASA proves they need not be objects that need hiding.

Earthy toned palettes and plenty of strong texture, not only proves as eye-catching as the view outside, but similarly as timeless. 

Balance a neutral scheme with touches of green, from the verdant velvet of Liang & Eimil’s Neo chair (a popular choice for a reason), or embrace a soft, welcoming ambience with the glow of this William Yeoward lamp, which earns its place in the room whether it's turned on or not.

Alfie Table Lamp In Sage
William Yeoward
Alfie Table Lamp In Sage

The masterpiece of this scheme though is without-a-doubt the Camillo Etagere bookshelf by Baker. The perfect balance of playfulness without being a piece you’d ever tire of, this bookshelf blends quartered walnut with a grey pearl finish to seamlessly embrace the curved furniture trend that’s here to stay.