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Pink Bedroom Ideas | How to Decorate Rooms with Pink |

Pink Bedroom Ideas & Colour Schemes

Discover your favourite shade of pink and how to use it into your bedroom

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

Pink bedrooms – a colour scheme destined to divide opinion. Though with help from the worlds of fashion and interior design, its seemingly once unbreakable link with femininity has started to become undone.

From saccharine and shocking pinks to ballet pump and bordering-on-red hues, it’s about finding a shade of pink with which you click and knowing how to work it, style it and mould it. In need of some inspiration? Then try these pink bedroom ideas on for size.

How to decorate your bedroom with pink

Whether it’s the full-on focus, a barely-there whisper or an accent, there’s much more to decorating with pink than pink bedroom walls.

Pink bedroom furniture - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Pink Bedroom Furniture

Think of pink and pink bedroom furniture probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Paint and wallpaper, carpet and curtains and then pink bedroom accessories in all their varieties generally occupy people’s decorating consciences.

But then, as soon as a photo of a dusky pink sofa or a fuchsia pink armchair in decadent velvet styled as a dressing chair catches your eye, pink bedroom furniture transforms into something very swoon-worthy indeed. It’s particularly effective to use such pieces to weave different shades of pink into your scheme.

In the Laura Hammett bedroom pictured, she has a small blush pink canapé sofa with a calamine pink quilted headboard. Or just keep to a single piece of furniture in pink. The tone that you choose will determine just how much of a pink statement it will make.

Pink Bedroom Accessories & Decor - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Pink Bedroom Accessories & Decor

A bedroom’s colour palette can be entirely determined by accessories alone. The Interior Marketing Group’s pink and white bedroom is proof of that with its combination of plush pink carpet, feathered pink lampshade, plump pink cushions and tasselled pink throw. There can be no question as to pink’s stage presence here, and that’s without a single piece of pink furniture or paint anywhere to be seen.

Conversely, pink bedroom accessories can serve as pure and simple pops of colour. Consider a small posy of pink peonies in a bedroom’s vase or a pink-glazed lamp base so pink’s presence is seen rather than felt.

Pink Bedding

Especially in a bedroom with a luxury bed, picking out pink bedding will almost serve as another wall. The sheer expanse of fabric provides a large canvas to inject its rosy tones which will certainly dial up the drama in your room.

Needless to say, the more exuberant the pink, the more daring and dynamic the result. Here, Caravane’s two-tone linen bedding introduces bubblegum and baby pink in one bedspread which will dominate the room, but a plaster-coloured pink would be much softer. Similarly, bed linen with just a pink motif will still give another surface for pink to appear, albeit one far less overt.

Pink Bedroom Walls - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Pink Bedroom Walls

Walls and ceilings remain the go-to decorating tactic for bringing colour in to a room. It has the ability to transform the atmosphere and the style of a room, whether it’s a show-stopping feature wall or all-over application of the same shade, taken from skirting boards to walls and doors for an enveloping effect.

Go beyond pink paintwork and traditional wallpaper however and look into pink panelling. This could take the form of a pink linen board that’s lightly padded and pinned to the wall which will soften your scheme to a great degree or smaller panels filled with pink wallpaper, such as in the Helen Green Design bedroom with Cherry Blossom repeats framed in moulded panels.

Shades of Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Bedrooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Pink Bedroom Colour Schemes & Combination Ideas

For some, selecting a particular shade of pink is a decision that’s simple and instinctual. But if one shade doesn’t speak to you more so than another, explore the full spectrum and you might be surprised at which turns out to be your perfect match.

Pink and Grey Bedroom

Totally tonal and perfectly tempered, if you share your space, then a pink and grey bedroom is often a good way to get an anti-pink person on board with your preferred pink colour palette. Deep and moody charcoal or calming and muted, almost every shade of grey works as a complement to almost every shade of pink, making pink and grey bedroom decor a look that’s hard to get wrong.

Pink and Grey Bedroom - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Blush Pink Bedroom

For blush pink bedroom ideas, look no further than Laura Hammett’s romantic scheme. She puts the epitome of blush at the heart of the room with her luxury quilted headboard and then repeats it in a selection of blush pink bedroom accessories, such as in the throw pillows that make up the bedspread.

But she also incorporates other interpretations of blush pink into the room, such as in the paler blush curtains and pelmet and the deeper blush bedroom sofa. If this is too pink-centric for you, look to Sophie Paterson’s bedroom where she blends blush pink wallpaper with neutrals of cream and mink.

Pink and White Bedroom - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Pink and White Bedroom

Looking for a crisp and sweet colour combo? Then try a pink and white bedroom. These two colours get along swimmingly and will produce a bedroom scheme that’s balanced and pretty, as shown in the Sims Hilditch light pink bedroom. To avoid it becoming contrived, mix in a few sorts of white, such as warm white on the walls, white-painted furniture and then a purer white on any bed linen.

Dusky Pink Bedroom Shade - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Dusky Pink Bedroom

A dusty pink bedroom is one where the pink is soft and a trifle muddied. It might have a grey or brown tint to it which gives it a neutral dimension. Often referred to as dusky pink, this is a shade that’s low-key and under the radar, so suits people who want the warmth and romance of pink but without going too heavy on the pigment.

Choose dusty pink bedroom accessories and place them against a neutral wall and watch how it too takes on the same mellow, earthy pink hues. See our LuxDeco pink headboard scene for proof.

Pale Pink Bedroom - Pink Bedroom Ideas - How to Decorate Rooms with Pink - Style Guide
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Pale Pink Bedroom

A pale pink bedroom can mean different things to different people. Dusky and blush are, for example, types of pale pink. By the same token, a baby pink bedroom would classify under the pale category too.

Though forget not that pale comes in many forms too and there are lighter and darker shades within it. Cue the sugarmouse pink, palatial bedroom suite at The Lanesborough where you see a whole host of pale pinks at play.

From the milkiest pink on the ceiling to the rose pink of the pleated canopy, this scheme goes to show just how confidently multiple pinks can come together to create a symphony of romance yes, but also beguiling confidence.

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