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How To Master a Perfect Pink Room with Natalia Miyar

Here’s how Natalia Miyar builds her signature pink rooms

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Now holding a solid spot on interior designer's go-to colour repertoires, our lives have become inundated with images of pink, from blush-toned raw plaster to millennial pink cushions. And, whilst it’s a colour that many of us love, when it comes to designing pink rooms, it can be an intimidating shade to get right for the amateur designer.  

A self-confessed lover of pink, designer Natalia Miyar is one who has no issue tackling the bold hue. Her pinky bedroom ideas are edgy, not saccharine; her own white, pink and grey living room (below) is refreshingly personal; and the pink dining chairs she featured in her Battersea Power Station project entirely rethinks where the colour is welcome.

We asked the LuxDeco 100 architect and designer to share her tips for putting a sophisticated spin on pink.


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Why did you choose pink for your own home?

Pink is one of my preferred colours to use for a scheme. For my own London apartment, I chose a pink palette, partly because it presents something of a challenge, which I like. In the wrong hands, it can look twee and I was keen to show a version that represents the glamour we create for our clients—something which is deeply personal and perhaps a bit more adventurous.

Pink Interiors | Style Guide
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Which colours compliment pink interiors?

My personal favourite is white with pink. A subtle trick you can use to bring these together is by selecting a white with an undertone in the same shade. I also use a lot of grey and pink with accents of black. This helps to move away from the girly look sometimes associated with the colour. We created a beautiful bedroom for a London client that mixed pinks with cream and peach. It was super feminine, but incredibly grown up. We worked very hard to get exactly the right tones.

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Does an elegant pink room exist?

Pink can be extremely elegant as I hope I have shown. There are a huge variety of pink tones to choose from and the key is choosing something that does not have an affiliation with a particular style, but stands out for being different. If you are going heavy on pink, my advice is to start by choosing your tone and let that guide your material choices, furniture and accessories. If you are aiming for elegance, you need to get all these components right to create the desired atmosphere in your room.

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And what about those who want a pink room that’s not over-the-top feminine?

You can anchor your room with some bold style statements for drama when you are using pink. It’s the same trick we use when throwing a leather jacket over a flowery dress. For me black works well as an accent in many colour schemes and goes particularly well with pink. If you have something feminine [in your room], work in something that will contrast with that. The architectural console in my hallway is a great example and the perfect foil for the all-pink walls.