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24 Console Table Designs You'll Love

Here are the designs to inspire your next hallway table purchase

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

A beautiful console table is often the cornerstone to an entryway or luxury lounge, reclining against the wall and tying the space together. With considered curation, a simple console can become the platform for your most treasured ornaments and artwork. And, when it’s a product of exquisite craftsmanship and opulent materials, the console is a feature in itself.

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Whether you have a sprawling foyer or a confined corridor to fill, choosing between consoles may seem overwhelming. This round-up of 24 elegant options should put you on your way to finding your favourite.

Best Narrow Console Tables

Bow Console Table

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The Bow Console, with its gentle curves, slender detail and slight proportions, makes for a delicate addition. The painted steel legs and stone top combo seamlessly blends classicism with the contemporary in one fell swoop. Pair with a fresh bunch of flowers, a statement vase, and voilà.


PRICE: £1,950

In A Holding Pattern Console Table

Gold Caracole console table | Shop console tables online at

Described as ‘Whisper of Gold’ in tone, this console lives up to its luxuriant description. A honeycomb motif is worked into the lower shelf, and both levels are coated with a crisp sheet of glass. 29cm in depth, this piece sings when artfully arranged behind a sofa.

BRAND: Caracole

PRICE: £2,535

Vauclair Console Table

Black & Gold Eichholtz console table | Shop console tables online at

This distinctive console design by Eichholtz pairs together brushed brass and black finishes. The piece features a tabletop made up of parallel brass strips which complements a cavernous, industrial backdrop but it’s slim enough to slot away in a pocket-sized passageways too.

BRAND: Eichholtz

PRICE: £2,550

Best Black Console Tables

Granthan Console Table

Art Deco console table design | Shop console tables online at

Black furniture has a reputation for boldness—one it rightly deserves. Crafted from wenge-stained beechwood, this dark wood console table is accented by an antique brass inlay. A sculpture in itself, its dramatic silhouette works best when paired with a large mirror or an Art Deco painting.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £1,645

Ambre Console

Black console table | Shop console tables online at

The sleek framework of a black console can be delicate too. XVL is known for its refinement in design, as evidenced by this barely-there, slender console. With wood and marble worked into its body, the extra shelf should be stacked high with modern design books and travel art tomes.


PRICE: £2,930

Rory Console Table

Black console table | Shop console tables online at

When it catches your eye, the geometric outline of the Rory Console is a thing of beauty. The console has been constructed using high-quality ash, with a strip of golden stainless steel slicing through the black wood. There is no questioning its craftsmanship—it was designed by Portuguese brand Laskasas which is synonymous with expert handicraft.

BRAND: Laskasas

PRICE: £2,830

Best White Console Tables

Waltham Console Table

Modern console table design | Shop console tables online at

At first glance, this white marble piece would be at home in the Acropolis. With brushed brass detailing, a slab of stone sits on two columns carved from white Carrara marble. Ancient Romans used the same material to build their empire. Is there any greater testimonial? Garnish with some understated greenery in a sculptural vase.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £7,995

Berkeley Console

White console table | Shop console tables online at

Simple and striking, it’s hard to go wrong with white furniture, especially when it’s as timeless as this. The sleek body of the Berkeley Console rests on golden legs, lending itself easily to any high-end space. It’s functional as well, featuring a drawer for slotting away everyday minutiae as soon as you arrive home.

BRAND: DI Designs

PRICE: £1,045

Allure Console Table

There's a regal charm to this ornate console, thanks to the relief detailing along the table's apron. Carved in oak, the console is a prestige piece, working well in an eclectic home. Bernhardt, which has been producing furniture since the 19th century, is the name behind the design and its pedigree shows.

BRAND: Bernhardt

PRICE: £1,480

Best Console Table with Drawers

Oslo Console Table

Console table with drawers | Shop console tables online at

Many look to the console table as an opportunity to display, but the addition of drawers can conceal the bric a brac of a lived-in home. One London House, whose designs are inspired by boutique hotels, has worked drawers into a carved wooden tabletop in an onyx finish. A nod to a Mid-century aesthetic, this marries well with a statement piece of art.

BRAND: One London House

PRICE: £775

Slide III Console Table

Brass table | Shop console tables online at

Those with a modern abode ought to look no further than the Slide III Console. Italian bronze leather plays against a black steel silhouette, exuding poise and verve. Fill the drawers with your everyday essentials and leave the countertop bare or embellish it with a contemporary lamp or vase of your choosing.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £2,150

Renmin Console Table

Shelved consoles work particularly well when placed against sofas, taking advantage of what would otherwise become wasted space. Cut from grey weathered oak, this design sees natural wood juxtaposed against a brass framework. Chic as could be, create a vignette on the tabletop with a statement lamp and some beautiful photo frames.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £1,480

Luxury console table | Interior by Bryan O'Sullivan Studio | Shop console tables online at
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Best Glass Console Tables

Perfection Console Table

Console table with drawers | Shop console tables online at

You’d be hard pushed to find a console more perfect than Caracole’s Perfection design. A medley of glass panels and delicate silver leaf details, it is both simple and ornate. When it comes to styling a glass console table, light and its kaleidoscopic qualities are on your side. Coloured or patterned glass ornaments can throw a vibrant filter on the console’s surface, creating a sense of brightness in a space.

BRAND: Caracole

PRICE: £1,725

Grotto Three Tier

Glass tiered console table | Shop console tables online at

A standalone decorative piece, this console is equally functional, with three mirrored shelves offering ample storage space. It can house your favourite tipples ahead of a cocktail party, or pile it high with a stack of art books. Not to mention, it’s utterly timeless.

BRAND: William Yeoward

PRICE: £2,490

Jacques Console

Brass table | Shop console tables online at

Jonathan Adler quit his day job in the nineties to become a potter and has since climbed the ranks of the design world. His creative flair lends itself beautifully to furniture, as proven by the charismatic Jaques Console. The brushed brass accents on the corners play against tempered glass shelves, making for the ideal backdrop for a treasured artwork or some freshly plucked blooms.

BRAND: Jonathan Adler

PRICE: £1,950

Best Mirrored Console Tables

Lapiaz Console Table

Gold and silver console table | Shop console tables online at

A piece of furniture art with very little need for extra decoration, Boca do Lobo's characteristically unique Lapiaz console table sees a Neotlithic configuration dressed in flawless stainless steel and hammered brass. It'll reflect light in spades when placed near a window and add a highly-polished finish to darken and moody spaces.

BRAND: Boca do Lobo

PRICE: £12,340

Reflection Console

Mirrored table | Shop console tables online at

No piece of furniture brings a sense of theatre quite like the Reflection Console. Crafted using faceted mirrors and topped with Starphire glass, it boasts disco-ball glamour. Modern and sculptural, the console reflects the light around a space, lighting up a room. When it comes to accessories, you can play it safe with silver ornaments, or exaggerate the drama with colourful artwork.

BRAND: Baker

PRICE: £17,560

Carlow Console Table

Mirror console table

Inspired by Chinese colonial furniture, Eichholtz’s work is recognised for its beauty. The Carlow Console lives up to that reputation, with reflective stainless steel sweeping into geometric lines. Effortlessly stylish, it’s bound to add a touch of dynamism to any luxe lounge.

BRAND: Eichholtz

PRICE: £2,180

Best Wood Console Tables

Elixir Console Table

Wooden console table | Shop console tables online at

Adding a distinct sense of warmth and character, a wooden console is a wonderfully classic addition to a space. The language of the Elixir Console is fluid and graceful, as curving champagne X’s forming the bones of the design. Made from a walnut veneer in a light, sand-blasted finish aptly labelled ‘serene grey’, it exudes sophistication in the subtlest of ways.

BRAND: Hooker Furniture

PRICE: £1,745

Profile Console Table

Console table with shelves | Shop console tables online at

Clean, architectural lines win out in Bernhardt’s Profile Console, which is crafted using walnut veneer. The floating shelves create an eye-catching silhouette of their own, but also offer a modish platform for ornaments of choice. Both rustic and modern, this wooden fixture is a piece that will stand the test of time.

BRAND: Bernhardt

PRICE: £2,965

Reverie Console Table

Wooden console table | Shop console tables online at

As a material, wood gels with any style, its natural appeal working in harmony with almost every colour palette. There’s an almost coastal feel to the Reverie Console, creating a sense of lightness and calm when in repose. Made from maple veneer, it offers both form and function, with multiple drawers tucked away in the handsome, artisan assembled frame.

BRAND: Hooker Furniture

PRICE: £1,710

Best Marble Console Tables

Ercole Console Table

Marble Console Table | Shop console tables online at

Marble never goes out of style and is intrinsically linked with luxury, dating back centuries. Italian brand Capital is behind the Ercole Console, sourcing the marble from native quarries and treating the stone in its atelier. Statuesque, the console is dove white and streaked with veins of stone grey. Unsure how to accessorise such a thing of beauty? A minimal candelabra is just the ticket.

BRAND: Capital

PRICE: £12,325

Gabriel Console Table

Wooden console table | Shop console tables online at

There is something incredibly satisfying about the form of the Gabriel Console, which sees brass legs curve against a slab of brown marble. The hollow interior of the piece plays with space in a way that effortlessly keeps your attention. Its makers, Opera Contemporary, are based near Milan, and their dedication to Italian craftsmanship is wholly apparent in this objet d’art.

BRAND: Opera Contemporary

PRICE: £6,625

Angelo Console Table

Marble console table | Shop console tables online at

Polished Arabescato marble forms the framework for this console, making for a piece that is quietly impressive. The cuts in the stonework are contemporary and crisp, hinting at minimalism. When it comes to styling the console, let your imagination run wild, It provides a timeless pedestal for ornaments and art of all shapes and sizes.

BRAND: Baker

PRICE: £11,705