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6 Reasons Artificial Flowers Are A Good Idea

Shedding the stigma of faux florals, here’s why you should invest in some

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

We love real flowers. We do. But there is a time and a place for artificial flowers too, especially luxury artificial flowers. Whilst real flowers offer invigorating scents and the satisfaction of flower arranging, these less perishable but equally reviving floral beauties offer a few outstanding benefits of their own. It may be one of the best decor investments you ever make.

You don’t have to be in season

The one difficult thing about fresh flowers is that you may not always have access to your favourite flowers throughout the year. Faux flowers are in season all year round and can be spritzed with fragrances to keep your home smelling fresh from January to December.

They’re always “guest-ready”

You like fresh cut flowers but you don’t always have them at home on the off chance you have an unexpected visitor. Artificial flowers will be a saving grace anytime you have friends show up without warning or family stay over at the last minutes.

Luxury Artificial Flowers | Diane James | Shop now at
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They don’t cause allergies

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you might, understandably, feel the the void of keeping flowers at home. With an artificial flower arrangement you can keep your favourite flowers at home easily without worrying about a potential reaction.

They can live anywhere

If you decide you want some colour at your window or another sun-filled area of your house, you can add some faux florals to the area without fear of them drying out or withering quickly due to excess sunlight. Equally, in winter, when you have your heating cranked up, an artificial flower arrangement will withstand any amount of heat, which isn’t quite true of most cut flowers.

They double up as centrepieces

It’s Sunday dinner, a birthday party or a romantic meal for two, you don’t have a centrepiece and no time to visit your local florist. An artificial flower arrangement is the simplest and most timeless way to decorate your table. No one will ever know.

They look and feel like the real thing

Luxury artificial flower arrangements, in particular, are deceptively natural to the untrained eye. They offer true-to-life petal and foliage textures and their “water”-filled vases are the perfect finishing touch.