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Behind the Brand: Selva

The inspiring story behind the world-renowned Italian furniture brand

Jonathon Warren
By Jonathon Warren, Commercial Director

Introducing Selva, the Italian furniture house that offers everything you could possibly need for the home, priding itself on its strict age-old crafting techniques to produce modern interpretations of traditional masterpieces.

Its luxury furniture is designed and sculpted with tender, love and meticulous attention to detail by Verona-based artisans. And this is the reason the brand is so popular with interior enthusiasts and professionals across the globe, including LuxDeco’s very own Interiors Director, Linda Holmes.

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“I have incorporated Selva furniture into my interior design projects since the beginning of my career,” the interior designer reveals, “and, with the brand’s unwavering quality craftsmanship, timeless designs and exquisite use of materials, that’s not about to change anytime soon.”

With its penchant for high-calibre woods and upholstery, alongside its timeless design, the brand’s creations hit the spot every season.

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The Dawn of a Furniture Legend

The late Joseph ‘Peppi’ Selva founded his eponymous furniture house in Bolzano, Italy in 1968. Like a fine Italian wine, the brand has only improved with age and, after mastering its craft over forty-five years, Selva has well and truly become an authority in the furniture pack. When Peppi’s son, Philipp Selva, stepped into his father’s shoes and was officially named president in 1998, he strived to keep the brand’s original ethos alive whilst steering it forwards at the same time. He explains, “The essence and soul of Selva is all about a love of tradition and courage for innovation. For me, it is essential to keep in mind the roots of Selva and what it has become.”

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The brand continues to produce pieces that celebrate classical forms of past eras but, under Philipp’s leadership, it now creates more modern collections, has expanded in the Middle East and flourished in the luxury hospitality market.

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Explore Selva

The brand boasts three different product lines: Selva Timeless Beauty, Philipp Selva Home and Epoca by Selva, offering a broad range of pieces for dining rooms, bedrooms and living spaces.

Despite the fact that Selva make everything from beds, chairs to mirrors, in countless finishes and fabrics, each creation is still made by hand in Isola Rizza, near Verona, and displays that superior level of craftsmanship the Italian artisans are famed for.

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Best of Both Worlds

With its trio of product lines, Selva makes old and new inspired pieces available to stylish homemakers. As its name suggests, Selva Timeless Beauty provides designs with lengthy lifespans that endure in style and maintain their quality for years on end. The line includes the Louis Philippe collection—featuring solid beech and linden wood dining tables, wardrobes and bookcases with cheery veneers—which exudes French elegance.

The Philipp Selva line takes care of a more modern mood with bright, patterned upholstery and woodwork inspired by geometrical forms while designs from the Epoca by Selva line hark back to shapely 19th-century aesthetics.

Selva | Behind The Brand | Fine Italian Furniture | The Luxurist |
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Take a behind-the-scenes look at Selva’s workshop: