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12 Luxury Christmas Tree Decorations & Ornaments Your Tree Needs

update your tree with these timeless additions

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

Decorating the Christmas tree is full of traditions for most families and the who, what, where and when matters in this annual task. Whether it’s who gets to put the star on top, which Christmas decorations are to take centrestage, where the tree is to go, or when it’s to make its appearance at all, memories are made with the simple act of placing ornaments on branches.

Who better then to make a selection of 12 of luxury Christmas tree decorations from our Christmas collection than Senior Creative Buyer Jessica Harding – a new Christmas ornament for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

Our Top Christmas Tree Decorations & Ornaments You Need This Year

1. Sparkle Bee Ornament, Topaz

Sparkling bee Christmas tree ornament

Crafted from enamel, glass and zinc and boasting a soft velvet ribbon, this embellished bee ornament makes for an enchanting addition to your display. Complimenting gold or champagne Christmas colour schemes, the delightful embellishments will stand out beautifully against the green foliage.

BRAND: Joanna Buchanan

PRICE: £45

2. Sparkle Snowflake Ornaments, Set of 4

Sparkle Snowflake Ornaments, Set of 4

A set of four sparkling snowflakes to hang from your Christmas tree in all their splendour. Each slightly different in colour, these four pieces are crafted of zinc and glass with lashings of crystal detailing. Perfect of filling the tree with ornaments that dance in the light, why not consider giving these as a gift this year?

BRAND: Joanna Buchanan

PRICE: £130

3. Peter the Polar Bear Ornament

Peter the Polar Bear Ornament

A charming addition to your festive display, this Katie Larmour Linen ornament enjoys a textured fabric feel. Inspired by museums, this piece offers a traditional yet adorable appeal, which is only enhanced by its gold piping and silver embellishments. Rest assured this bear will be the most charming piece in your scheme.

BRAND: Katie Larmour Linen

PRICE: £17

4. Watering Can Ornament

Though an unlikely theme for your Christmas tree, Joanna Buchanan's horticulture themed decor this year offers a playful approach to the festivities. Encrusted with a striking array of amber and silver embellishments and a luxurious velvet ribbon, this ornament is perfect for any garden-lovers in your life and will forever serve as the talking point of your Christmas tree display.

BRAND: Joanna Buchanan

PRICE: £40

5. Nutcracker Beaded Ornament

A beloved character of the Christmas season, the nutcracker holds as much nostalgia as it does connotations of classic elegance. Perfect for adding much needed texture to your tree, the linen and beading bring the piece to life with attention paid to the smallest of details. Sure to be a favourite in the family, this piece deserves a spot right at the heart of the festivities.

BRAND: Katie Larmour Linen

PRICE: £23

6. Gold Squirrel Ornament

Whether your festive theme is one of an enchanted forest or is instead centred on a palette of gold and accents of sophisticated chocolate, this charming squirrel decoration will suit accordingly. With its divine bushy tail and its glistening glass detailing, this character is an ornament to be treasured for years to come.

BRAND: Joanna Buchanan

PRICE: £40

7. Plum Pudding Beaded Ornament

You can’t get more luxe than teaming pearls with gold on the Christmas tree. This is a bauble for the glamorous with its hand-applied golden bars and shimmering sequins inspired by everyone's favourite yule-tide desert. So invite this charming piece to one of your branches and let its golden glow fill the room.

BRAND: Katie Larmour Linen

PRICE: £17

8. Rocking Horse Ornament

A beautiful gift in and of itself, this Michael Aram ornament is a timeless piece with a modern appeal. Too large for the tree, hang this classic design from the mantlepiece and enjoy as the gold and silver of its design dance in the fire light.

BRAND: Michael Aram

PRICE: £93

9. Sparkling Gold Glass Bauble

A true party piece that's sure to bring your tree to life. Perfectly versatile, this bauble works well alongside any existing decor thanks to its neutral metallic shade and its guaranteed festive glamour. Hang yours from the tree, your staircase garland or as accents to your entryway.

BRAND: LuxDeco


10. Eiffel Tower Ornament

Unmistakably recognisable and regally romantic, the Eiffel Tower Ornament is both delicate and delectable. A perfect gift alongside a city break to the beloved capitol or simply an elegant addition to a feminine scheme, with its silver glitter and sublime bow it'll be catching the light through the season.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £12

11. Glass Bauble, Antique Blue

Intricately decorated with blue, gold and silver reliefs, this LuxDeco bauble is set to be the showstopper in your Christmas decorating scheme. Nestle a couple in the depths of your tree and the glass will glimmer and catch the light in a spectacularly subtle manner.

BRAND: LuxDeco


12. Wellington Boot Ornament

And finally to an embellished bauble whose finish is as eye-catching as it is lighthearted. This wellington boot ornament puts an elevated spin on the outdoors and offers an unexpected addition to the tree. This piece also makes for the perfect gift for your most green-fingered friends.

BRAND: Joanna Buchanan

PRICE: £40