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10 Special Outdoor Ideas Found Only In Super Prime Real Estate

From outdoor kitchens to formal knot gardens, here are our favourites.

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

Prime real estate goes hand in hand with many advantages. From enviable locations to lofty ceiling heights and enough rooms for every possible purpose, there’s a reason they're so desirable.

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In the summer months though, one particular privilege comes to mind, and that would be the abundance of outdoor space that often comes along with these incredible homes. Whether a perfectly functional outdoor kitchen or a formal knot garden, here are a few unique ways to make the most of your open-air real estate.

Topiary Gardens

Known for their elegant forms and careful cultivation, topiaries have a certain esteemed association, but they can also offer the opportunity for garden fun when it comes to designing them. Playful designs vary from animal forms to abstract styles so don’t limit yourself to just simple shape. This is the time to experiment.

10 Outdoor Spaces Found Only In Super Prime Real Estate | Style Guide
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An Outdoor Kitchen

Perfect for hosting dinners al fresco, the outdoor kitchen is a step above a simple BBQ. Featuring dedicated sinks, fridges and worktops, these are the ultimate way to elevate your outdoor dining experience by combining both functionality and style. Allowing you to spend your time enjoying the sun whilst preparing meals, an outdoor kitchen also means that when guests are around you actually get to spend your time with them.

An Outdoor Cinema

Extend your summer evenings long into the night with an elevated outdoor cinema experience at home. Though it may sound complex at first, all you’ll need to get started is a projector, comfortable outdoor sofas and a few irresistibly soft blankets for a space that you’ll enjoy just as much as your guests. Add some lanterns for the perfect finishing touch of warm light.

10 Outdoor Spaces Found Only In Super Prime Real Estate | Style Guide
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An Outdoor Gym

Whether you find working out a chore or the highlight of your daily routine, most would agree that exercising outside is just that bit better than being stuck inside. Find a shady and ideally flat area to arrange your equipment. Think yoga mats, elegant dumbbell sets and skipping ropes for a versatile set up. Or, for a year-round approach, opt for a designated gym space with the very best garden views and plenty of natural light.

An Outdoor Bar

A necessity when it comes to entertaining in the summer, an outdoor bar promises fun, festivities and an undeniably stylish touch to your outdoor area. Just like any indoor space, outdoor bars can be designed to suit whatever style you’re looking for, whether that’s a muted mediterranean plaster finish or a polished marble work surface. Stock yours with plenty of glassware, bar tools and complete the look with some elevated stools.

10 Outdoor Spaces Found Only In Super Prime Real Estate | Style Guide

A Tennis court

No piece of country prime real estate is complete without a tennis court to perfect your backhand. Whether you prefer a clay or natural finish, tennis courts make for an excellent addition to your outdoor space. Make sure there's plenty of shaded seating for your avid spectators to enjoy your doubles game in the warm evening sun.

An Outdoor Sauna

A great tool to boost your wellbeing and spark some relaxation, an outdoor sauna, with its calming associations, is well-suited to a peaceful outdoor location. Place it in a reclusive spot in the garden, ideally with a line of sight that inspires a moment of clarity and allow yourself a second away from the busyness of the house.

A Rose Garden

Loved by many for their exquisite scent and show-stopping array of colours, the rose is the ultimate garden flower. Make a noteworthy outdoor display with your own rose garden, complete with sweeping pergolas and secreted pathways amongst the growing blooms. Create a place to sit and enjoy the stunning space with a few outdoor chairs arranged around a small coffee table.

10 Outdoor Spaces Found Only In Super Prime Real Estate | Style Guide
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A Fire Pit

A fire pit makes for an excellent centre point for entertaining. Arrange an outdoor sofa and a selection of armchairs with a few side tables for drinks around the space and while away the evenings enjoying the warm glow of the fire.

A Formal Knot Garden

A formal knot garden is recognisable as a feature belonging to only the most prestigious of homes. From mazes to geometric knot designs, when it comes to box hedging, the options are endless. Infuse yours with low lying soft flora to break up the mass of green and to highlight the intricate details of your design.

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