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Spinocchia Freund

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” proves true for this design firm

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

Spinocchia Freund might not be your typical name for an interior design studio and even the studio’s founder Brigitta Spinocchia Freund, who has more than a business connection to the name, won’t blame you for hesitating when uttering the eponym. (“The name may be difficult to pronounce but it won’t be forgotten!”)

Nonetheless, the name has reigned in London and beyond since its establishment in 2009, becoming recognisable in the intervening years as a purveyor of urban luxe spaces, projects of faultless quality and an haute couture approach (likely the effect of Brigitta herself who counts Victoria Beckham, Emilia Wickstead, Alice Temperley and Mary Katrantzou as friends and collaborators).

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Beginning life as Bespoke London, the studio started, like many, with humble beginnings. “Originally there were just three of us in a little mews office in central London working on two private client projects,” recalls Brigitta, who cut her teeth in the industry as the Creative Director of super prime property developer Candy & Candy.

But the humble beginnings weren’t to stay that way too long. A quick hop, skip and a rebrand later (“We decided to rebrand as the word ‘bespoke’ is overused and does not represent who we are as a brand,” the founder said at the time) and the studio was well on its way to the position it now enjoys—a selector of few clients (because it prefers to focus on quality rather than quantity and because, quite frankly Brigitta can afford to be choosy) and, of course, a LuxDeco 100 honoree.

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Brigitta relates, “Through reputation and word of mouth our workload increased which enabled me to recruit a talented team of international designers and grow our services.” The firm has since been continually sought after for everything from luxe property development to fine china product collaborations (referring to the studio’s recent release of Spinocchia Freund x Mary Katrantzou, a commemorative release for the latter’s 10th anniversary).

But it’s the studio’s interior design work which remains its immediate focus. Spinocchia Freund’s portfolio includes a diverse selection from boutique beach villas in the Balearic Islands to luxury high-rise developments and Courchevel lodges. These high-end projects have proven to be somewhat of a calling card, representing the firm’s bespoke-is-best ethos and acting as an incredible platform to showcase the team’s skills.

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Take the studio's chalet designs as an example. These purpose-made designs simultaneously make use of the naturally grand proportions of the space without being overpowering whilst a combination of raw and refined finishes create a luxurious yet appropriate aesthetic. It’s not surprising then that these Spinocchia Freund-designed projects have been some of the most expensive rentals on the Courchevel slopes.

Features like stitched leather paneling and repurposed vintage items tell of a penchant for unique design but it is pieces like one project’s stunning chandelier which prove the company’s nothing’s-too-much attitude. Its centrepiece installation—a focal point in the living room—is a complete one-of-a-kind made up of shards of quartz which were personally commissioned to be sourced from a nearby mine.

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Or, on the absolute opposite end of the spectrum, the studio’s expansive Ibiza project as another example. The brilliant white residence sprawls across eight acres and features two swimming pools, an orange grove, quaint cabins in the form of magical forest turrets and an outdoor cinema. Though different coordinates entirely to the studio’s snow capped chalet projects, it is just as bespoke and design-appropriate to its sunny locale.

And, of course, no project is as personal, as tailored, as a designer’s own home. The Notting Hill home of Brigitta, her husband Michael and three children, speaks of at least three of the designer’s loves: her appreciation of art (Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid and the Campana Brothers all feature), her knowledge of wellness through design (a retractable roof to allow as much light as possible and a living wall to bring the outside in) and her love of feeding people (the home boasts copious amounts of space for entertaining to satisfy the Greek-Italian’s social butterfly spirit).

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“We are exceptionally lucky to be able to design every detail of a project,” Brigitta explains, “taking inspiration from art, design and fashion, and curating [those] into beautiful interiors and designer items that are completely fresh and unique.”

In both name and vision, uniqueness appears to be Spinocchia Freund’s MO.

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