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Spring Table Decoration & Setting Ideas

Spring Table Decoration & Setting Ideas

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

It’s official. Spring has arrived, which means that the upcoming Easter celebrations will have everybody wanting to be the host or hostess with the most. But hosting isn’t all about food and company, as these spring table decorations go to show. Prepare to wow your guests with these styled-to-perfection tablescapes to elevate everything from family lunch to springtime soirée.

Spring Table Decoration Ideas

To really give your table impact, dress it with the seasons front of mind. Spring decor for your tabletop is a case of bringing both a visual and textural display of lightness and airiness. You want it to feel as though there’s a gentle spring breeze waiting for you as you walk towards it. Here are three simple ways to achieve spring’s breath-of-fresh-air quality to the dining table.

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1. Spring Table Flower Arrangements

Spring table settings start with bringing the outdoors in. You might have heard it said before, but for good reason. Nothing says spring like the appearance of flowers and foliage, which is why your go-to spring table centrepiece should always be petal-based. Go for one voluptuous vase that occupies the middle of the table with tall spires of flowers to create height and drama. This works well on tables of all sizes, but is best in a larger room that can absorb some of the impact so that it doesn’t overpower. Two symmetrical hurricane lanterns is another option, filled with fresh green foliage. Alternatively, use several, smaller vases spread down the length of the table. Here, go for smaller arrangements, such as a low cluster of hydrangea or a small bunch of tulips. Spring isn’t a season that’s over-the-top so keep your scheme less showy and more subtle. Whether your flowers are real or faux, be sure to pick ones that are in season so it’s as authentically spring-like as possible.

2. Spring Table Textures

Next, consider what textures say ‘spring’ to you. Most people will associate linen and cotton with springtime because of their lightweight and laidback nature, so be sure to bring in touches of these to your spring table. This could be done in a large-scale way by investing in a beautiful tablecloth to drape over your dining table or folded as a runner, or simply by giving each guest a napkin in either of these yarns. So long as there’s an element of spring texture on your tabletop, their presence will be felt – literally.

3. Spring Dining Room Decorations

Don’t forget that to make your spring display ideas work well, you need to create links with the rest of the decor in the room. Otherwise, the scheme will be disjointed. It can be as straightforward as repeating the colours of your centrepiece flowers in the table linen you choose or using another smaller posy of complimentary flowers on a window ledge or console table in the same room. Or, go one step further by updating accessories in your dining room ready for spring’s arrival. Changing lampshades to linen-covered ones is an easy but effective step, or simpler still, switch up any scented candles or diffusers for lighter fragrances. Citrusy or floral notes work best in spring.

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Spring Table Setting Ideas

When you decide a scheme for any room in your home, you’re always going to think about colour. Why not do the same for styling a specific event in that room? Spring dining room table decorating is a way to not only make your tabletop complement the rest of the room’s palette, but it makes whatever you’re hosting feel like even more of an occasion.

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Spring Table Setting Idea 1: Gold and Neutrals

The best spring decor ideas are those that are linked to nature, because spring’s all about getting outside. A colour palette based on soft neutrals takes your mind to crop fields of barley and wheat on a sunny day. Choose soft, warming golds over dazzling, glossy ones for spring, so for cutlery, look for brushed, matte golds rather than polished. What makes this palette so mellow is the fact that you’re mixing gold with earthy neutrals like taupe, oatmeal and even pale tones of brown so there’s no high contrast. Dinnerware sets in these colours will help to build this colour duo, and don’t forget the power of serveware pieces such as food displayed on wooden chopping blocks.

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Spring Table Setting Idea 2: Blue and White

Blue and white is one of the freshest colour combinations out there. It’s perfectly suited to spring home decor with its links to blue skies and puffs of white clouds. There are lots of ways to work with blue and white. Stripes are an obvious choice but the nautical theme feels more summery, so mix it in with some contrasting patterns like geometrics or flowers (ideal for a spring table) to make it more understated. Woven white-washed rattan, cool marble and ceramic, and soft linen against accents of different shades of blue from navy to cornflower will promise that your tabletop is full of interest.

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Spring Table Setting Idea 3: Green and Gold

Green is the colour that most people think of when you mention spring. Pair it with white or cream for a classic spring look, but for something a bit more unusual, go for gold. The same advice applies for choosing soft shades of gold, though the odd glint of gloss on the rim of any glassware or on a napkin ring is definitely allowed. Mix up your shades of green so there’s everything from olive and moss green through to sage – the crispest spring green of all.

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Spring Table Setting Idea 4: Gold and White

If you like the idea of using gold in your spring tabletop but want a different contrast than the gold and neutral group, try mixing it with white. This combination will still be mellow, especially if you feature a few touches of buttery yellow as an in-between shade. On this table, let white be the main colour and gold be the accent, remembering spring’s quieter side. And if you’re unsure of where to feature pastel yellow, think about placemats or even referencing it in your spring flower centrepiece.

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Spring Table Setting Idea 5: Silver and White

Many of us have stainless steel as our cutlery colour. If you don’t want to invest in a seasonal set that will match your spring colour palette, you can still create a spring table scheme that has silver as one of its main hues. White is silver’s best partner for spring. There are other colours that it works well with, such as green and blue, but it’s best to keep your table’s scheme simple in spring. Much like with gold, keep your silver touches few and far between. Cutlery, the occasional silver thread running through your placemats or on serving spoons is plenty. Mix with lots of glass and a combination of glazed and matte white tableware and white blooms as your centrepiece and the result will be beautifully fresh and contemporary.