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Mirror Styles: Which shape is for you?

Mirror Styles: Which shape is for you?

Sunburst, square or teardrop – the basic silhouettes simplified

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

Owning a magical ability to deliver instant decorative impact and an increased sense of light and space, the statement mirror is one the cleverest assets you’ll find in the accessories realm.

But with a long line-up of coveted styles and shapes to choose from, how do you decide which is right for your space? From square to sunburst, take our geometry lesson to realise your favourite silhouettes and how to style them.

Square Mirror Styles: Which Mirror shape is for you - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Square Mirror Definition

One of the simplest shapes out there, square designs are (obviously) clean and angular. They can work a modern or traditional look depending on the style of frame, but, in most cases, they offer a timeless, understated aesthetic. Sleek lines and a symmetrical form means these four-sided designs will always draw the eye.

Where to put Square Mirrors?

“The beauty of square mirrors is that they work in just about any interior situation,” says LuxDeco’s Interior Stylist Lena Cottray. An angular shape means they’re great for framing for the face, so they work nicely in ‘getting-ready’ spots such as bathrooms or bedrooms. “You can also use them to accentuate a particular area or feature in your space, such as framing a display of accents on a console table.”

Square Mirror Styling Suggestion

Celebrate the simplicity of this style and team it with pared-back accents, or do a U-turn by contrasting it with uniquely shaped sculptures and a voluptuous vase.

Round Mirror Styles: Which Mirror shape is for you - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Round Mirror Definition

Another reminder of the power of uncomplicated silhouettes, rounded mirrors capture immediate attention with their straightforward profiles. There’s something aesthetically satisfying about their smooth outlines, which can be used to enhance any room of the house. Whilst rounded designs can have an antique look, they often lend a modern or retro feel.

Where to put Round Mirrors?

Simple but striking, these styles makes a brilliant focal point. “They’re very versatile,” says Lena, “and can work above a console, in a home office or positioned above a mantelpiece. Fish-eye designs look incredible in the centre of a space.”

Round Mirror Styling Suggestion

Allow your mirror’s aesthetic to direct you in your accessory choices. Minimalist round designs call to be styled with effortlessly cool accents; let more adventurous designs inspire you to experiment with highly colourful, textured pieces.

Teardrop Mirror Styles: Which Mirror shape is for you - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Teardrop Mirror Definition

An effective alternative to circular designs, teardrops have an elegant, elongated oval-shaped silhouette that’s become a strong favourite with interior designers. The framework tapers at the top and widens towards the base, echoing the shape of a teardrop.

Where to put Teardrop Mirrors?

Teardrops work effortlessly on any wall where you want to exaggerate length. Consider adding one at the end of a long hallway or thoughtfully placed in a bedroom, so you can check you’re looking on-point for the day ahead.

Teardrop Mirror Styling Suggestion

“We’re seeing more and more distinctive-looking teardrop designs,” Lena explains. “Embrace mirrors with unique finishes, such as this cracked ivory and bronze resin design, and pair with rustic luxe accents for cohesive styling.”

Sunburst Mirror Styles: Which Mirror shape is for you - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Sunburst Mirror Definition

Sunburst mirrors are characterised by radial spokes, which extend from the centre of the design. The style has stood the test of time, evolving from Louis XIV styles, to Art Deco takes on the design, sputnik-inspired versions during the 1960s, and modern 21st-century interpretations.

Where to put Sunburst Mirrors

Traditionally gilded in gold or silver, these striking styles double up as a mirror and a piece of wall art. “Sunburst designs make the ultimate focal point,” says Lena. “Use them to make an impression in a living space, dining room hallway or bedroom. They’re a great way to divert attention to a desired part of your room. ”

Sunburst Mirror Styling Suggestion

Keep nearby accessories on the understated side, so your mirror can really take centre stage. Also, think about what will be reflected in the glass – a canvas on the opposing wall will create an interesting effect.

Decorative Mirror Styles: Which Mirror shape is for you - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Decorative Mirror Definition

Decorative mirrors are distinguished by shapely framework, which gives them an ornate allure. Traditionally, these styles often featured intricate Chinoiserie-scene carvings around the frame, while the modern way to work a decorative look can range from sculptural motifs to cut-out details.

Where to put Decorative Mirrors?

Anywhere you want to add character. “Try placing one in a vestibule or entranceway to welcome guests with decorative beauty as soon as they enter the house, or use it to elevate an en suite bathroom,” says Lena.

Decorative Mirror Styling Suggestion

A highly decorative design makes a sophisticated backdrop for a sideboard arrangement of accents, or hang one in a forgotten corner to bring life to vacant space.

Geometric Mirror Styles: Which Mirror shape is for you - LuxDeco Style Guide
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Geometric Mirror Definition

Geometric designs play with straight lines and angle. Pentagonal, hexagonal, octagonal – no matter how many sides you select, these styles will instil a contemporary vibe. They can consist of basis silhouettes or more complex, interlocking shapes.

Where to put Geometric Mirrors?

Another style with centrepiece credentials, geo designs look incredible in high-profile spots – think above a feature fireplace, atop a beautiful vanity unit or used in multiples to create a wall gallery display.

Geometric Mirror Styling Suggestion

Echo your mirror’s silhouette through your furniture or accessory choices. “Try pairing angular mirrors with clean-lined furniture designs,” Lena recommends, “or celebrating their geo form with graphic patterns on cushions or rugs.”