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6 Styling Ideas for Glass Decor

6 Styling Ideas for Glass Decor

For the love of glass, don’t go any longer without these bang-on-trend glass decor pieces

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

Smartening up your home with true interior designer style is as simple as introducing a few coloured glass decor pieces into your space. These delicate additions have been found in designers’ projects from Natalia Miyar’s colourful creations to Laura Hammett’s luxurious outdoor sanctuary. Here are a few of our favourite ways to use them.

1. Glass decor in a mixed grouping

Coloured glass vases are beautiful on their own but, thanks to their immense colour range, individual shapes and unique textures, it would be a crime not to take advantage by playing with different combinations.

Mix an accent colour in with some neutrals for an interior-designer-approved look, consider marrying taller designs with shorter ones and combining mottled textures with striped or ribbed designs.

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2. Glass decor in a matching set

Of course, sets of matching designs also work well and highlight the exacting quality of the vases. For example, a row of floral arrangements in matching vases along a dining table or kitchen island look sophisticated and tidy.

3. Glass decor on a pedestal

Because of their individual character, coloured glass vases exude a somewhat artistic vibe (and, rightly so, since the artisans making them produce them by hand) which makes them great options for spotlighting.

A simple modern pedestal with a large-scale vase of interesting textures becomes an instant addition to an art collection, offering a new 3D element to the usual canvases and prints.

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4. Glass decor as lanterns

Coloured glass vases really come alive when light is added to the mix so treating them as decorative lanterns is an easy way to maximise their decorative lighting potential. Think about placing large pots with candles around an indoor pool area, along the perimeter of an outdoor patio or in a bathroom. The results will be two-fold – decoration at all times of the day and atmospheric lighting at night.

5. Glass decor in a bookcase or cabinet

Laura Hammett recently revealed that one of her favourite ways to style with vases is to backlight them in a cabinet and we agree! Luckily though, even without additional lighting, coloured glass vases are the best companion to books in a bookcase or cabinet. Their various sizes and shapes work with basically any size of shelves and they act as breathing spaces amongst the books.

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6. Glass decor as a dining table centrepiece

There’s no doubt that these designs were made to be centrepieces because they’re equal parts versatile, chic and subtle. Their versatility means that they can be filled with flowers, plants, sticks, floating candles (the shallow bowls) and any manner of accessories you can think of; they’re impossibly chic so can be left on the table between dinner parties; and they’re subtle enough that they won’t detract attention during dinner.