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Console Table Decor & Styling Ideas: The 5 Elements

Console Table Decor & Styling Ideas: The 5 Elements

There’s a formula for a beautifully accessorised console vignette and it’s, thankfully, so simple

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

With their narrow and sophisticated proportions, console tables are a great addition to any hallway, living room or bedroom because they can pack a punch in such little space. Perfect the basics of console table decor and styling with this easy-to-master formula for a well-balanced and unique display.

1. Wood

The wood element of console table styling often comes in the form of the console’s tabletop and, as such, acts as the foundation for the rest of the display. But it needn’t be restricted to that – wooden accessories like petrified wood accents or wooden photo frames add warmth and familiarity to a vignette.

Additionally, the bonus with wood is that, because of its natural appeal and the ubiquity with which it’s used in interior design, it’s a perfect neutral, rarely dictating colour palettes.

"Choose a finish which suits your decor and vice versa."

2. Metal

Metal has become a central figure in interiors from furniture to accessories for its sophisticated but cool aesthetic. An on-trend metallic sculpture, tray or table lamp gives a console table decor an edge especially if it has an interesting texture.

It’s worth remembering that metal comes in all kinds of colours and finishes (silver, gold, shiny and matte are not the only options) and an exploration of these options will create an interesting display.

"When done correctly, mixed metals will create a console table display which oozes design confidence."

3. Glass

Glass adds to the overall look of a styled vignette without being overwhelming or conspicuous – great for creating a look which seamlessly blends together whilst, at the same time, remaining interesting. Depending on its finish, it can also transform an arrangement through lighting – coloured or patterned glass will throw interesting shadows on its accompanying pieces. Mirror, agate or crystal are all unconventional glass-like elements which work exceptionally well.

"The addition of a beautiful mirror or a glass console table accessory is the perfect way to incorporate this element into your display."

4. Ceramic

Ceramic is a traditional console table decor material but, nowadays, many artisans use the material for modern designs too. It succeeds in acting as a bridge between glass and metal or wood because it’s delicate whilst having somewhat more of a visual weight than transparent pieces.

An interesting ceramic vase is a must for pretty blooms and works as well as a centrepiece of a console table arrangement as it does in the centre of a dining table. Ginger jars are statement pieces which add a traditional sophistication and can also be placed underneath the table if they’re oversized.

"Even modern displays can benefit from ceramic’s inherently refined quality."

5. Paper

Despite what their name would suggest, coffee table books really uplift a decor display wherever layering is needed and are an easy way to add a lifestyle element to a room. Use stacks of tomes to create varying heights, ensuring that decor items are given a suitable platform and not lost amongst their peers.

Although this is the one time that judging a book by its cover might be allowed, do opt for books which you would choose to have in your library. That way they serve two purposes as they should.

"Designers revert to these personality-infused pieces time and time again for their carefully styled set ups."