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The Armchair Buying Guide

From classic styles to material options, here's how to choose the perfect piece for you.

Jon Sharpe
By Jon Sharpe, Chief Creative Officer

Before you begin the hunt for the perfect piece, you’ll want to consider what you want from your armchair, this will determine the style, material and positioning the seat will have in the room. Consider the following questions and allow your answers to guide you through the shopping process:

  • Are you looking for a statement piece or an understated addition to the room?
  • Will the armchair actually be used for day-to-day seating? 
  • What is the style of the room the armchair will belong in? 
  • How important is comfort? 
  • How big is the space?

Styles of armchair:

The Chesterfield armchair 
Quintessentially, a Chesterfield armchair features deep button tufting, a nailhead trim and is upholstered in a dark brown leather. Characteristically an american design, these armchairs look right at home styled next to a fireplace and are often arranged in pairs.

The Modern armchair 
Modern armchairs can range anywhere from a clean-lined bouclé piece to a curved-back velvet design. Often more understated in their form, modern armchairs focus on the quality of the upholstery and the form of the design. Think low lying pieces that combine comfort with noteworthy appeal.

The Mid century modern armchair 
A design style that, though originating in the 50s and 60s, has been loved for many decades since. Mid century modern armchairs are low-lying like the modern armchair but most often square or rectangular in form. Usually simplistic in design, these armchairs occasionally feature button tufting but characteristically boast sleek arms crafted from warm-toned wood. 

Consider materials:

Velvet armchairs 
Perfect for a luxurious, cosy feel, an armchair is a great way to introduce velvet into your interior. Consider deep green or neutral options for a timeless feel or opt for a bold hue if you’re looking to make a statement.

Wooden armchairs 
Wooden elements in an armchair allow the piece to slip comfortably into a space whilst complementing the flooring and other pieces of furniture. Whether you’re after just wooden legs or for the frame to noticeably feature a wooden frame, wooden armchairs can work for a number of different interior design styles. Choose lighter woods for a more scandinavian look, or opt for dark, polished tones for a sophisticated take.

Bouclé armchairs
A refined fabric, bouclé offers an inimitable sense of chic. Best in creamy, ecru shades, bouclé’s textural appeal brings dimension to any space. Paired with a modern, transitional scheme, these armchairs complement a neutral palette beautifully whilst adding interest.  

Rattan armchairs 
An increasingly popular choice, rattan armchairs work for a number of interiors. So whether you have a more minimalist approach to design or enjoy a nod to the 70s, a rattan armchair could make for a sleek addition to your space.