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12 Designers Try The Curved Sofa Trend

Voluptuous and iconic—is there a good reason not to love a curved sofa?

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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Since the sad passing of queen of the curve Dame Zaha Hadid and Vladimir Kagan, the undisputed architect of the curved sofa, the design industry’s thoughts have turned to the playful line.

The Best of Curved Sofas – Vladimir Kagan © Vladimir Kagan Design Group – Style Guide
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Of the game-changing shape, the designer told PaperCity magazine, “A curved sofa shape makes more sense so that you’re not sitting like birds on a wire, lined up. People like to sit out in the open, away from the wall. A curved sofa should float in space, like interior landscaping.”
Now, almost seven decades later, its place in the little black book of the world’s greatest designers is permanently secured; its desirability, naturally, amplified by so many years of success.

These interior designs showcase the power the curved sofa (or one of its inspired progeny) still has in 21st century design.

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Tranquil curves from 1508 London

Tone on tone comes into play in this corner seating arrangement by London-based 1508 London. Paired with similarly curved armchairs and a bean-shaped coffee table, the look is soft and relaxed.

The Best of Curved Sofas –  – Style Guide
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A Colour Pop

Vibrant tangerine upholstery transforms the original curved Serpentine sofa of a fresh Greenwich Village living room by B. A. Torrey, below (photo by Patrick Cline). Principal Andrew’s bold choice of such a hue makes complete sense in retrospect alongside a sunny, aerial beachfront photograph and a powdery white backdrop. In keeping with the retro vibe, a vintage Dakota Jackson Screw coffee table and Gabriel Scott side tables serve two shallow button-tufted armchairs.

A curved sofa should float in space, like interior landscaping.

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Elicyon's neutral curved sofas

A plethora of modern seating charaterises this light-filled living room by Elicyon. Boucle armchairs and navy velvet stools pair with two minimalist curved sofas in a look inspired by the "stylistic features of a home environment in Mykonos or Ibiza".

The Best of Curved Sofas – Spinocchia Freund, Notting Hill – Style Guide
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Soft Lines

Soft meets industrial with this in a contemporary Notting Hill scheme by Spinocchia Freund. This custom curved sofa design – realised in a dreamy air blue – feels even more glamorous when combined with a metallic coast-outline coffee table and buttery yellow upholstered swivel stools.

The Best of Curved Sofas – Finchatton – Style Guide
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An Iconic Face-off

As the main reception room of an ocean-front Bahamian property, this room required some furniture heavyweights. Finchatton‘s Design Director Jiin Kim-Inoue surrounded a circular Tai Ping rug with two curved Serpentine sofas which alluded to “the curved shapes of the ocean waves”. “Since the room is already an unusual shape, we didn’t want to introduce too many geometries,” Jiin explains, “so we kept the circular shape for the main furniture group.

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Penthouse Perfect

Spinocchia Freund gives this central London apartment the custom treatment with this bespoke curved sofa in a vibrant goldenrod.

The Best of Curved Sofas – Vladimir Kagan © Nina Choi – Style Guide
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The Triple Threat

A 2013 custom Vladimir Kagan design for Elias Associates is the nucleus of this neo-Mid-century modern living room. Contrasting fabrics and colours (boucle with suede; light with dark), the unique plasmatic curved sofa design features a tri-part configuration which offers a multitude of seating without interrupting the flow of the space with individual punctuations. 

The Best of Curved Sofas – 1508 London – Style Guide
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A Sophisticated Take

Proving that its playful lines can also translate to absolute sophistication, this elegant curved sofa elevates a formal reception room by 1508 London. Its creamy upholstery works perfectly with golden cushions, a lustrous lattice carpet and tracery-like glass-topped table. A lopsided Lollipop Porta Romana chandelier hangs overhead.

The Best of Curved Sofas – Kelly Wearstler – Style Guide
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A Modern Interpretation

The Souffle range by Kelly Wearstler, highlighted in this NYC loft conversion, is instantly recognisable as a modern-day curved sofa classic. The ruched texture and shaping reads 1970s design which adds a sense of prominence to a contemporary piece.

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Buthaina Humaidy's textural curved sofa

Saudi interior designer Buthaina Humaidy makes the most of this light-filled space with a wood and cane-backed curved sofa which adds a casual texture in a tailored way.

The Best of Curved Sofas – Greg Natale – Style Guide
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The Shape Shifter

Considering Greg Natale’s fascination with the interplay of geometries, his choice of curved sofas for many of his projects resonates deeply. In crisp white and topped with accent cushions – like the Minotti ‘Dubuffet’ of this Sydney Harbour project – the result is relaxed and social; in rich aubergine velvet, the shape’s inherent flirtation appears, drawing the sitter in for a decadent experience.

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Living In Harmony

For a modern Hong Kong apartment, Yabu Pushelberg envisioned and custom-designed two sweeping Boomerang curved sofas which, when placed together, create an almost complete circle. The harmonious arrangement is enhanced by gilded blossom and landscape wall panels by Moss & Lam and a free-form bronze Kailash coffee table from Sullivan Source reflects the panels’ accent colour.