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The Finishes of Quiet Luxury

From bouclé to marble, these are the materials of this refined design style.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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Though it is hard to encapsulate this understated style in just a few words, quiet luxury is grounded in the understanding that it is the quality of materials that give pieces their enduring value and inherent beauty. Investing in materials that are as desired now as they were centuries before makes these interiors something that will live on for generations to come. Often sourced from remote locations, the preparations of these materials are honed by decades of craftsmanship.


Synonymous with chic interiors, bouclé has earned its place in the most discerning of space the world over.  Deriving from the French word ‘loop’, bouclé textural charm is available in woollen, silk and cotton variations, bringing textural appeal to the most understated of forms.


Known for its inimitable softness, cashmere brings a sense of comfort to throws and  cushions that feels at-once irresistible and undeniably luxurious. Collected from the soft undercoat of mongolian goats only in the spring, the exclusivity of this creamy material only adds to its appeal and longevity.  An essential in the cooler months, cashmere is not only softer but also far warmer than wool. 


From the Palace of Versailles to the kitchens of London’s most enviable homes, marble has forever been the most revered of stones. Whether it takes the form of a simple coffee table, the mantle above your fireplace or paves the checkerboard floor of your entrance way, marble’s elevating qualities will never falter. Opt for white Carrara and black Marquina for a monochrome feel or Mistral if you lean towards a warmer, travertine-like hue. 

Antique brass

Brushed to remove any semblance of a gaudy shine, antique brass instantly brings a sense of history and that all-important lived in feel. The tasteful counterpart to gleaming gold, style antique brass with neutral schemes for a look that feels classic and sophisticated. 

Figured woods

Though wood is a consistent element of just about every interior style, figured wood possesses a uniquely refined sensibility. With its warm, high-gloss finish, figured wood is the discerning choice for a refined office desk, or, when marquetry-inlaid or hand painted, a note-worthy bedside table. If you’d prefer a more subtle introduction to this classic material, a figured wood photo frame or jewellery box brings natural warmth and texture to a dressing table or desk.