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Stocking surrounded by gifts

The Perfect Formula for a Luxury Christmas Stocking 

Follow this guide to create a stocking your loved one will love

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

One of the many highlights of the Christmas period, gift giving is something that brings joy to both those who are lucky enough to receive something and those who take the time to plan the perfect gift. The stocking, however, holds a particular power to imbue joy on those who open them on Christmas morning and are an excellent option if you’re struggling to find one larger gift that they’ll love. Crafting the perfect stocking is an art form though, which, once mastered, can bring a smile to even the hardest to shop for loved ones.  

Choose the perfect stocking

A centrepiece of one’s fireplace Christmas decor, the stocking also plays a key role in the gifts themselves. Choose one that compliments their existing interior scheme and take special note of their Christmas colour palette so that the stocking works in cohesion with it and won’t stick out in the space. Don’t be afraid to play with textures and colours if that suits their home, but stick with classic hues if you’re not quite sure what they are partial to.

Consider their passions

Thinking about who you're buying for, is, of course, essential to building the perfect gift and with stockings this is more important than ever. With multiple gifts to play with, stockings are an opportunity to gift items that mirror a multitude of your loved one’s passions. Or, if you have a suspicion for what they might be hoping for under the tree consider centring your stocking fillers around that central theme. For instance, if they love hosting friends and family, table decor, cooking accessories or some barware would make for a wonderful gift. Of course, the addition of a few chocolates, a tree decoration and an orange for a traditional touch make all the difference and are universal crowd-pleasers.

Stocking fillers for her

Combine elevated essentials with a few indulgent treats and it’s hard to go wrong with a stocking selection for your female loved ones. Think luxurious textures and irresistible hues and you’ll be sure to impress. Take the time to consider where her interests lie. Is she a lover of interiors? Perhaps she works so hard she’s in need of a bit of relaxation? Or perhaps she just has a love of luxury, whatever it might be. Use this to influence the direction of the gifts you choose. 

Stocking fillers for him

Though they may be notoriously difficult to buy for, creating a stocking for the men in your life is surprisingly easier than you might think. Without the pressure of choosing one perfect gift, choosing an assortment of smaller items actually makes the process a lot easier and takes the unnecessary stress away from gift giving. A fail-safe formula is to choose a few gifts they need and a few that they want but would never buy for themselves, this way the gift feels both practical and fun.

Finish off the gift with beautiful wrapping

First appearances matter and gift giving is certainly no exception. Think small prints, plain coloured or brown paper for a look that suits even the smallest of gifts. Tie with a satin or velvet ribbon for a look that feels elegant and luxurious. Don’t forget that there are extra points for thoughtful messages on gift tags, so get the Christmas music playing and make an evening of wrapping each of the treasures you're gifting this year.