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This Week's Most Wanted

Carina Bartle
By Carina Bartle, VP Sales & Partnerships

It’s the little joys in life that add up to the big picture and investing in finishing touches, made of the finest materials, is the most indulgent way to do that at home. And, because it is the New Year after all, a little self care gets a non-negotiable mention.

There’s nothing better than an excuse to indulge. Life, especially of late, has required an Olympic-level balancing act and it's unsurprising that many are feeling burnt out. But when we enjoy everyday acts with treasures that spark joy (kudos, Ms Kondo), any day quickly becomes a great one.

Elevate your morning with the Zanetto Tea and Coffee set to start the day off right, and, for your best night’s sleep, end the day by slipping into the 624 thread-count sateen dream that is this Ralph Lauren sheet set.

Life, especially of late, has required an Olympic-level balancing act and it's unsurprising that many are feeling burnt out.

A peaceful bedroom is all about creating a calming space. I know all about that. I’m currently renovating my new home and I’m missing the calm of a finished bedroom. Since soft neutrals create a tranquil atmosphere, I’m focussing on timeless furniture and then building from there. I’m eyeing the Mallory side table—a classic shape.

Flowers are a must for me and I love to keep a silk eye mask in the drawer to allow for a well-deserved lie in at the weekend. I’d finish off the look with a scattering of a few of the Laura Hammett Living x LuxDeco Hazel cushions for an understated touch of luxury. The champagne-coloured silk and delicate embroidery is so divine it’s no wonder they’ve been flying.

Of course, it can’t be all staying in bed, binging on Succession. (More’s the pity.) Indulging in new gym equipment that will actually makes me want to exercise is more than just an investment for my home—it’s an investment in myself. Try this skipping rope for an added boost of motivation.

Montreuil Wall Sconce, Gild
Montreuil Wall Sconce, Gild

And after your post-workout shower, cosy up in one of life’s simplest pleasures: a super-soft luxury dressing gown. I loved this one so much that I bought one for each of my girlfriends this year for Christmas and they've gone down a treat.