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Spring Living Room Ideas | Rearrange Your Furniture | Interior design by Kelly Hohla |

5 Tips For A New Home Look This Spring

Find a new way to reinvigorate your space for spring

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer

The countdown to spring is almost complete and in just a few week’s time the freshest season of them all will have officially sprung. But what does that signal for your interior decor? This spring, why not look beyond ritualistic deep cleaning and decluttering (as important as they are) to make some updates with serious impact and staying power? After all, if spring isn’t a time for turning over a new leaf, when is?

Spring Living Room Ideas | Play With Colour | Interior design by Catherine Kwong |
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Play with colours

Pick a room, any room, and give it the gift of a new colour scheme for spring. A fresh lick of paint is always destined to transform, so take on the room that’s most in need of an update but has been neglected until now. Your whole home will feel the difference once it’s been smartened up and you’ll no longer want to close the door on it, that’s for sure. Or, go for the room in which you spend the most of your time so that you can soak up those new tones on a daily basis—living rooms and kitchens, that’s you.

In search of room colour scheme inspiration? Spring has an intrinsic link to a green colour palette because it’s a clear-as-day celebration of all things freshly sprouting outdoors. If the notion of sage on your walls makes you shudder, then consider a green-tinted neutral which is far subtler and a restorative alternative to most contemporary neutrals—it’s also a favourite hue in Georgian-style interiors.

Alternatively, you might like to stick to a classic neutral or a grey colour scheme that will take a scheme out of a cosy winter cocoon and into the domain of fresh as a daisy. Be sure to paint from skirting board to ceiling in the same colourway for your serene shade to have the most impact.

Spring Living Room Ideas | Rearrange Your Furniture | Interior design by Carlyle Design |
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Introduce a new focal point

Spring is the season for a new perspective, so apply the same rationale to your rooms and look at whether there’s a new focal point, itching to make its debut.

Take a dining room, for example. In here, it may be that your feature piece of furniture (usually the dining table) is the most attention-grabbing aspect. Challenge yourself to look at the space differently though, and the decor is given a totally new dimension.

Instead of an obvious piece of furniture, this could become your room in which you can create a gallery wall, taking over one large expanse and adorning it with frames and your finest artworks, and soon, your dining table won’t be the centre of all the attention. Well, until dinner is served, that is.

Spring Living Room Ideas | Rearrange Your Furniture | Interior design by Chango & Co. |
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Rearrange furniture

A much overrated redecoration approach is to work with what currently exists in your space and to play with the layout.

Most rooms will only have one or two alternative layouts that are: a) physically possible and b) make sense in terms of appearance and flow, but the best way to experiment is by drawing your room to scale along with the pieces of furniture, and then moving them about on paper first.

This way, you are able to ascertain what is achievable without doing the hard work of upheaval. If you don’t already have one, invest in a scale ruler (an interior designer’s go-to tool) to help with this.

Should you be struggling to reconfigure your layout to accommodate all of your furniture, step back and focus on one or two items. Any change, no matter how small, will cause a stir and encourage you to see the room in a new light.

Spring Living Room Ideas | Invest In Storage | Interior design by Chango & Co. |
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Invest in storage

With this spring-ready suggestion, you may well achieve several of our tips in one swoop, because a new piece of storage has the potential to be your living room’s new focal point, and is thus an invitation to rearrange furniture too.

Before you know it, your sitting room will have undergone a level of overhaul that feels pretty transformational. The same room no more indeed.

The reason why investing in storage will always be on our must-do checklist for spring however, boils down to its nature of making a living space less cluttered and more organised. Be it a sideboard in a hallway, a dresser in a kitchen or a pair of bedside cabinets with storage for nighttime rituals (sleep spray, novel, hand cream and the such), storage-savvy items of furniture grant you the necessary room to tidy away and then display the pieces that elevate your decor and boost the room’s ambiance.

Spring Living Room Ideas | Invest In Storage | Interior design by Studio Ashby & Fawn Galli |
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Switch up your art collection

Is redefining your furniture proving challenging? If so, an alternative is to reassess how any art is currently being displayed.

There is not a set way for how to display art in a room. Pieces can be hung or leant on ledges, they can be framed or not, you could decide to create a picture wall or to have them spaced at the same height throughout the room. The choice is yours, and the choices are plentiful.

Art is the ultimate expression of creativity, so seek inspiration and pull together a moodboard to better understand what looks appeal most. Then, switch up what is on your walls, and even consider relocating pieces of art from other rooms or purchasing a new oeuvre altogether to curate a new collection so that your room’s new spring start celebrates the beauty that is art.

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