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Townhouse Sophistication: A Guide for Your Living Room

Embody the grandeur and elegance of this iconic style in your own home.

By Faaizah Shah, Editor
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Lining the streets of London’s fairest streets, the townhouse interior celebrates sophistication and elegance in grand proportions. Soft cool tones like grey, stone and ivory lay the foundation for these spaces. Designers subsequently decorate these canvases with textures and tones that become striking accents. For those seeking to recreate this look at home, it's essential to begin by considering the role of the room. Contemplate which questions of living your living room answers and create a space that aligns with this vision. Our step-by-step guide highlights the key tenets of the townhouse interior and encourages you to evoke a sense of elegance and grandeur in your own home.

1. Plan your space with a mood board…

Townhouse interiors effortlessly blend textures, colours and finishes to present a scheme that is cohesive but varied. Create a mood board with finishes and fabrics to create a picture of your space. Consider the proportions of colour within the room alongside the temperatures of the colours. With its tall ceilings and striking architectural features, the townhouse naturally lends itself to cooler tones like calming ivories, steel blues and crisp greens but you can also look to more warm neutral tones, depending on the aesthetic that appeals to you. We advise ordering samples to get a better idea of how these colours and textures reflect light within the room.

2. Consider your furniture choices carefully…

Furniture for your townhouse-inspired interior needs to celebrate elegant forms but also provide a functional and comforting foundation for you to connect and conversate. The contemporary classic style perfectly blends modernity and tradition, making it the historically popular choice for interior designers. Select pieces that complement the size and scale of the room, ensuring a harmonious balance. Take note of ceiling heights, wall lengths, and floor space, allowing these dimensions to guide your decision-making process.

3. Present your lighting in layers…

Lighting injects a sense of grandeur and romance into townhouse reception rooms. Designers cleverly utilise a variety of light sources to allow the room to adapt to its inhabitants throughout the day. The lighting fixtures also act as luminary sculptures within these spaces. From expressive chandeliers and pendants to pared-back table lamps and ornate wall sconces, the options are endless.

4. Introduce unique accents…

Townhouses of the past and indeed, the present are filled with antiques and treasures. These don't just have to be accessories, furniture or lighting can also act as the statement within your townhouse interior. Consider the interactions of colours, patterns, and materials within the space, ensuring they feel connected to your chosen accent. Be selective in your choices, favouring quality over quantity and embracing pieces that ignite conversation whilst elevating your interior.

5. Don’t forget the rug…

The foundation of your design, rugs are often the forgotten puzzle piece in your living room design. It is important to pay attention to the proportions of the space. Townhouse interiors often lean towards neutral tones, bringing warmth and comfort into the room. When choosing your rug, take into account the existing tones, hues, and motifs in the room, opting for a piece that complements and enhances the space without overpowering it. Look for rugs made from durable and sustainable materials such as wool or natural fibres, which not only stand the test of time but also exude a refined sense of luxury.