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Treat your special someone to a beautiful gift this Valentine’s Day

Jessica Harding
By Jessica Harding, Senior Creative Buyer

A Valentine’s Day gift guide is a friend indeed when you’re searching high and low for the best Valentine’s gifts that will surprise and (hopefully) delight in equal measure. Valentine’s presents can be token gestures or larger more luxurious Valentine’s day gifts for a special somebody who deserves spoiling.

But Valentine’s ideas don’t have to remain in the sphere of physical gifts either. Valentine’s Day presents can take the form of romantic, thoughtful and meaningful acts of kindness that you know a loved one will appreciate more than a physical gift—or as well as…

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day gifts for him should be about those little luxuries that he might not necessarily need, but that will enrich mundane, daily routines. Not only will they make ritualistic habits more enjoyable, he will think of you each time he uses it. These can include small leather goods, like watch cases and cufflink trays; items that are part of his morning regime.

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Other Valentine’s Day gift ideas include pieces that he might not use every day of the week, but that he can keep and save for special occasions and treasure forever. Collectables like a luxury poker set or deck of cards in an engraved case, or even a backgammon board are presents for the distinguished gentleman which he might not ordinarily buy for himself. Because most people enjoy feeling indulged from time to time and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion for just that.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

For those looking for Valentine’s Day presents for her, the same mindset applies. Smaller Valentine’s Day gifts for her encompass decorative candle snuffers that will elevate the uplifting experience of using a scented candle. Indeed, a scented candle to go alongside this is a classic Valentine’s gift idea for her that has a place in every room of the home.

Perhaps consider choosing a candle that feels more ornate and special than what she might ordinarily choose herself. She will be more likely to hold onto this long after the wick has burnt through, storing inside it and treating it as a trinket box with a fond memory attached to it.

For other Valentine’s Day ideas for her, why not choose a new jewellery box to replace one that’s tired, or in addition to her existing one so that she has one to store fine or costume jewellery and one for everyday wear.

An elegant photo frame with a selection of personally selected photographs, printed to size, so that she can decide which to use inside and begin displaying it immediately shows thought, time and care.

Or is there even something more practical that you know she has held a watchful eye over for some time but has resisted the temptation to buy it for herself? This could be a beautiful lamp for her bedside or to use in a passing space on top of a side table or console, or a sculpture or oversized vase. Objects of beauty that will bring her real joy every time she walks past them.

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Top Valentine’s Day Tips & Ideas

Valentine’s ideas for her and for him can be developments of their gift to help it go the extra mile. For example, should you have chosen a scented candle or reed diffuser, take the time to explore the perfume or cologne they use to detect which scents appeal to them most. Fragrance is such a personal thing that it can be difficult to decipher what notes they might enjoy. If, on smelling, you’re unclear, do some research online—most will have their notes explained in the description. Then simply look to match some of those notes in your candle or diffuser’s fragrance. This will show real consideration and reassure you that they’ll love using it.

If you choose the photo frame gift idea, you could also add a storage box where your loved one can store the additional photos you printed. The box allows them to keep them close, to look at on a whim or to update and replace the displayed photo as often as they please.

Thought is often the most appreciated aspect of a Valentine’s Day gift, so try to choose a gift with real meaning attached to it and explain that in your card. It means that your careful searching won’t be overlooked and it turns the card into a true keepsake.

Perhaps you chose a bedside clock so that your partner can think of you every morning when he or she wakes. Or maybe a small trinket box as a place to store an engagement ring or wedding band.

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Gifts aside, Valentine’s Day is made all the lovelier with acts of kindness that show your loved one how loved and appreciated they are. Be sure to choose something that you know you can dedicate the necessary time to. It won’t be enjoyable if you seem stressed or anxious as you rush around preparing and serving supper.

The larger romantic gestures are always tempting to do, but don’t underestimate the smaller, more traditional touches—a bouquet of flowers (their favourites over a stab-in-the-dark bunch); a box of chocolates chosen with care and real thought for what they’ll love most, such as those from a lesser-known, artisan chocolatier; taking them out for dinner and drinks to a place with sentimental value to you both or to somewhere new that you know they’ve been wanting to visit; or even household chores that you can do to give them a night off to do nothing but put their feet up and feel well and truly cherished.