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Walk-in Wardrobes with LA Closet Design |

Lisa Adams reveals the secrets behind LA's best walk-in wardrobes

The professional closet designer reveals her top tips on creating a luxurious walk-in wardrobe

Carina Bartle
By Carina Bartle, VP Sales & Partnerships

With 14 years of wardrobe design under her exquisitely styled belt, Lisa Adams holds the answer to the perennial dilemma of what to do with the redundant spare room. Saving them from becoming the inevitable dumping ground for half-completed projects, boxes of decorations or sentimental childhood toys that will never be touched again, Adams is an unsurprising advocate for the walk-in wardrobe.

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Luckily, her impressive portfolio is capable of persuading even the most pragmatic of clients that this is a necessary indulgence. After all, Adams reminds us, “the closet is where we most often spend the first and last moments of a day,” so it would be a shame to not make them something to look forward to.

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Can you explain a little about the process of designing a wardrobe?

“To start the process of designing a wardrobe, I take inventory and fact-find with my clients, asking them questions about their lifestyle, organisational habits, storage needs, and style preferences,” says the LA entrepreneur. “I then create design concepts and start to plan based on their inventory making sure that everything has its place.”

“As a first step, I like to show my clients a floor plan (or two) along with 3D renderings, so we have something visual to talk about. Most people cannot read elevation drawings, so the renderings really help clients to visualise their new closet.”

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What is your best advice for an organised walk-in

“Well” she asserts, clearly knowing exactly what this calls for, “when organising a wardrobe, I start by taking everything out—everything! Then, I would suggest trying things on and purging the items you don’t want, cannot fit, need tailoring, etc.”

“If your closet wasn’t designed with your items in mind, then the next step would be to take inventory and determine where each item is going, and purchase storage solutions and closet accessories to help maximise your wardrobe.” “Finally,” says Adams, “organise by style, formality and colour within each wardrobe category.”

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What’s the best way to make the most of a small walk-in wardrobe?

“For small walk-in wardrobes, you have to use every square inch of the space—maximising the depths and heights of the wardrobe,” she says confidently. “Where you have depth, use pull-out shelves so that you can still see everything at first glance. Use the entire height of the space by using tools such as pull-down rods to keep hanging high, and the space below for things that are reachable. Use all the corners in your closet by creating corner shelves and custom L-shape hanging rods that wrap the corners. I also like to add valet rods, and walls for mirrors and hooks!”

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How is the world of wardrobes changing?

“Recently, I’ve been seeing (and designing) integrated desks (workspaces), vanities, and champagne bars in wardrobes,” Adams enthuses. “I love that these spaces are continuing to be multi-functional spaces—spaces where you are doing more than dressing, but working, socialising, and relaxing in! In terms of materials, I am noticing the request for light wood wardrobes, a temporary break from all white wardrobes.”