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What's On My Mood Board: Janine Stone

The interior designer’s mood board is naturally as elegant as it is timeless

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Currently, our team's inspired by the nostalgia of summers past. Many of us have spent previous holidays on gorgeous country estates across the UK, France, Italy and Germany. We're working on a handful of projects currently which are being inspired in lots of little ways by our stays in all those delightfully restored manor houses, country chateaux and palazzi. Properties like these you never want to leave and we spend a great deal of time considering why that is and how to incorporate the details that matter into our designs.

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The material board we have here is for the guest bedroom within one of our client's country homes. Based on the brief we received, we wanted to recreate that home-away-from-home atmosphere and the warm, welcoming feeling any guest enjoys in a luxury country hotel. Given the restrictions everyone's been living under over the last year, there is certainly a nostalgia around those types of experiences at the moment, that we've used as inspiration for this material board.

The curtain drapery fabric (top) is silk from Chase Erwin with a naturally inspired pattern design. Given the rural location, the great outdoors is a recurring inspiration within the space. The wall covering (small rectangle at the bottom) reinforces the organic look and feel of this guest bedroom, but also introduces a touch of contemporary style that balances formality and informality.

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The intricate metallic print creates the subtle illusion of trees dancing along the surface. The foil is printed on a textured non-woven ground. The centre fabric piece is intended as a flat woven rug, from Belgium. It's made of sisool, a natural blend of wool and fibres from the sisal plant. It's a very comfortable soft fabric, yet also very durable so will last our clients a long time. And the small earthy-toned fabric (directly by the peacock mohair patch), is also mohair from Pollack. We think we'll use this for something decorative like a cushion—it's rather soft and is an accent to the armchair.

The cooling tones of this mood board will help to give this space the calming and soothing effect we intend. These are blended with neutral taupe and ivory colours which are simple, minimal, not distracting in any way and would make any house guest feel instantly at ease.

Whilst some of the fabrics here look very decorative, their delicate application will lead to this space feeling rather contemporary.

This board is made up of mainly fabrics, so it's important there is a good variety of textures in this board, whose common thread is their organic qualities and design. When you have a guest staying in your home you, of course, want them to feel relaxed and welcome, so a variety of soft, organic textures like this will simply wrap them up in a light cocoon of comfort and security.

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