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Timeless Treasures: Why Invest in Cashmere?

Insight into why this prized material is held in such high esteem.

Joanne Quinn - Senior Interior Designer at LuxDeco Studio
By Joanne Quinn, Senior Interior Designer
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Cashmere is often considered the ultimate option for comfort, although it can be difficult to weigh up this woolly fibre against the growing variety of options available. Unlike traditional lambswool, cashmere is harvested from cashmere goats native to the Himalayas. The ultra-thin fibres of the animal’s undercoat boast incredible insulating properties, making them an ideal ingredient for warm throws and blankets. The fibres can only be harvested during springtime when the goats shed their winter coat. The colder the habitat, the finer the cashmere. 

Each goat produces a small portion of this valuable wool, contributing to the rarity and high price point associated with this material. Balancing function and beauty, cashmere throws highlight the beauty of this natural material. Adding a high-quality throw to your home offers a warmth and elegance that seamlessly complements any interior style, from minimalist and classic to country. If you’re curious why cashmere surpasses other fibres, join us as we illuminate the origins of this elusive material. With proper care, these cherished pieces can remain a staple in your home for decades, standing as a testament to their value.

Why Invest in Cashmere? | |

1. It’s built to last…

The Cashmere goat's journey to producing the coveted wool starts with its adaptation to the harsh climate of the Himalayas. These goats endure freezing temperatures, high altitudes, and sparse vegetation, hence forging a robust constitution that reflects in the quality of their wool. Each piece is woven to stand the test of time, maintaining its beauty and elegance for years to come. Unlike synthetic fibres or lambswool, pure cashmere throws are less vulnerable to piling and wear. When shopping for your cashmere throw, look for lengthy fibres as those will be more durable and resistant. 

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2. It’s lightweight…

Cashmere throws are lightweight and incredibly warm thanks to the insulating nature of the natural fibres. Each hair is exceptionally fine, which contributes to the weightlessness of cashmere. This trait makes the wool ideal for throws or clothing.

Why Invest in Cashmere? | |

3. It offers unparalleled warmth...

Cashmere fibres are hollow in structure, which increases the insulation properties of the fabric. The hollow fibres trap air and create a layer of insulation that helps regulate body temperature, providing warmth even in colder climates. This insulation helps keep the fabric light in weight yet incredibly cosy.

Why Invest in Cashmere? | | Begg x Co
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4. It is timeless in its appeal…

Cashmere throws are not only a luxurious addition to your home but are also versatile and multi-functional. You can use them as decorative pieces on your couch or bed or as a cosy layer to keep you warm during cold nights. These throws can also be used as an outdoor seating accessory or even a travel companion. Their versatility makes them a perfect addition to any home.