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9 Christmas Wreath Ideas for a Festive Front Door

Make a good first impression with these front door ideas

Jessica Harding By Jessica HardingSenior Creative Buyer

What signals the arrival of the festive season better than a luxury Christmas wreath? Christmas door decorations are often the first Yuletide symbol to warmly greet guests into your humble abode, and not only that, they’re there to give you a sense of Christmas spirit every time you leave and return home. Choosing wisely, therefore, matters greatly.

With this round-up of the nine best wreaths, you’re set to find a new addition to your Christmas decor collection that will ensure the most festive of first impressions.

Silver Shimmer Wreath by LuxDeco - Luxury Christmas Wreath -

1. Silver Shimmer Wreath

A less-than-expected Christmas door idea is to take your Christmas scheme down the Art Deco route. This silver-centric wreath will get you off to a strong start with metallic shards as opposed to foliage and berries. It’s a bedazzling pairing whether your front door furniture is brass, chrome or black ironmongery.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £35

Large Snow Pine Wreath by LuxDeco —  Luxury Christmas Wreath -

2. Large Snow Pine Wreath

If a fuller arrangement is more to your taste than our first delicate Christmas wreath, consider this full-on frosted woodland spectacle. A dense composition of different types of fir and large pine cones, it undoubtedly channels ‘enchanted forest’ vibes—ideal for playing on the magic of Christmastime.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £135

Feather Wreath Brown by LuxDeco —  Luxury Christmas Wreath -

3. Feather Wreath Brown

Do Christmas differently with this next decoration. Feminine, glamorous and guaranteed to set hearts aflutter, it features nothing but luxuriously soft feathers to capture the magic. This wreath would look mesmerising attached at the top of a large mirror or on internal doors and could even stay up all year-round.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £15

Magnolia and Olive Wreath by LuxDeco - Luxury Christmas Wreath -

4. Magnolia and Olive Wreath

Moving into evergreen territory, this wreath is characterised by its step-away from tradition. Instead of using fir to build its foliage bed, it relies on verdant bay, silvered olive and feathered sprigs. Add to that a generous scattering of two pine cone varieties and the texture only gets all the more abundant.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £95

Eucalyptus Wreath by LuxDeco —  Luxury Christmas Wreath -

5. Eucalyptus Wreath

A contemporary rendition of the evergreen wreath that entrusts trend-led eucalyptus to capture the Christmas spirit. Being understated and unobtrusive, the small silver-blue tinted leaves lend themselves to being hung from a wall, not just a door. Or hang one on ribbon on a window to be appreciated from an interior or exterior viewpoint.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £120

Preserved boxwood wreath by LuxDeco —  Luxury Christmas Wreath -

6. Preserved Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood, or Buxus to give it its proper name, is not solely suited to topiary hedges or those architectural spherical shrubs you see potted aside a front door. This evergreen lends itself well to Christmas wreaths too, presenting a rich, dense arrangement of tiny green leaves that you could leave unadorned or intertwine a strand of fairy lights to illuminate come nightfall.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £120

Berry Cone Eucalyptus Wreath by LuxDeco — Luxury Christmas wreath -

7. Berry Eucalyptus Wreath

Two of Christmas’ main characters – clusters of berries and fallen fir cones. In this wreath, they’re loosely scattered and keep fine company in the shape of pale green eucalyptus cuttings and spires of pine. A classic Christmas wreath without doubt, full of the season’s varying tones and textures.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £130

Larix Wreath by LuxDeco - Luxury Christmas Wreath -

8. Larix Wreath

If our last wreath was quintessentially Christmassy, then this one is a pared-down take on the theme. Showcasing a finer type of fir and much more compact cones (closer to those seen on a yew or Douglas fir), this Christmas door wreath is lighter in aesthetic but has a playful pinwheel formation to catch your eye every time you walk on by.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £85

Feather Wreath by LuxDeco —  Luxury Christmas Wreath -

9. Feather Wreath

Feathers are one of the main trends this Christmas, especially the fawn and red-tinted chestnut brown variety associated with the impressive plumage of pheasants and grouse. An understated, undeniably chic addition to your Christmas decoration collection (or even as an autumn door wreath), this one suits interior doors and ledges most of all to keep the feathers at their best.

BRAND: LuxDeco

PRICE: £65