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9 Ideas to Decorate Empty Living Room Corners

These solutions will make those spaces feel less awkward

Joanne Quinn By Joanne QuinnSenior Interior Designer

Living room corner ideas come in all shapes and sizes. For artwork lovers, you could have a sculpture on a plinth, which will take up minimal floor space. Or, if you have an off-centre window or one that runs the length of a wall and into the corner, see that empty space in your living room as an opportunity to create a window seat or a makeshift home office looking out onto whatever view is waiting outside. Here are the LuxDeco interior design team’s top eight living room corner decoration ideas to fill those awkward, empty spaces.

1. Window corners – create a cosy window seat

One of our favourite living room corner decoration ideas centres on the window. If your living room’s window touches the corner of your living room, or at least comes close, think about building out a window seat beneath it. A window seat is one of those luxuries that has such a calming spirit. It’s one of the most effective ways of making the empty corner of a living room the biggest feature in the room and the part that you’ll want to flock towards.

2. Empty floor corners – illuminate them

Layered lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design in any room. It’s about having different light sources, at different levels so that your light is spread. It also means you have the flexibility to create different degrees of atmosphere. Floor lamps are the perfect idea when it comes to filling empty living room corners. They’re a feature in their own right much like artwork is, so your corner is filled with aesthetic value, but will cast a glow onto another feature within your room. If you have an awkward corner close to a sofa, your floor lamp puts your seating in the (literal) spotlight. If you’ve chosen to put furniture or art in your living room corner though, you can add lighting on top of that as well. A table lamp above a feature side table, a picture wall light over your corner decoration, a low-hung pendant illuminating a sculpture on a plinth – every lighting option can be designed to work in your living room corners.

How To Decorate Empty Living Room Corners | Display Artwork | Natalia Miyar Living Room | Read more in the Style Guide

Image Credit: Natalia Miyar

3. Corner walls – an opportunity for artwork

Whether your choice of artwork is framed prints or large-scale oils, it’s tempting to position them all in the centre of the wall. But by taking your art into the corner, or corners, it brings instant interest – not only in the pieces themselves but because it’s not the place you always expect to find them. Use neighbouring walls in the corners of your living room so you have a right-angle of related art.

"Hanging artwork at the same height will give you a more traditional look, or hang one lower than the other if you want more of an asymmetrical, contemporary vibe."

4. Larger living room corners – include an extra furniture arrangement

Make the most of your floor space by having specific living room corner furniture. If you’ve already decided your sitting room’s layout and have an empty corner, it’ll be easier to fill the space with occasional furniture, like a single chair and side table. If your corner space is smaller still, even an accent table topped with a lamp, vase or ornament is worth thinking about.

But, if you’re redecorating or are open to redefining your living room’s layout, think about zoning your furniture in a bigger way. Moving your seating area into the corners of our living room is a good way to build cosiness in your room. Is your lounge room on the large side? If so, maybe you’ve got room for a secondary, smaller sofa.

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Image Credit: Laura Hammett

5. Alcoves in corners – use them as storage spots

Not every corner is a clean, easy-to-use right angle. If yours goes in then and out to leave you with a corner alcove, there are still corner storage units for living rooms that can almost feel made to measure. A small chest of drawers, a petite sideboard, a narrow bookcase and a console table with a shelf beneath are just four examples of living room corner furniture that will look good and give you both display and storage space. If you can find one to work with your alcove dimensions, an Art Deco-esque cabinet can be a fun and striking opportunity to create a bar area filled with cocktail glassware and intriguing spirits.

How To Decorate Empty Living Room Corners | Interior by Studio Ashby | Read more in the LuxDeco Style Guide

Image Credit: Studio Ashby

6. Corners with natural light – place some potted greenery

This corner decoration idea for a living room works regardless of how much floorspace you’ve got to spare. Greenery is a failsafe way to breathe life into any part of your home. Flowers are the go-to plant for a sitting room so when you choose greenery instead (or as well as) it’ll always be noticed. If you’re feeling brave, go maximalist with an oversized, large-leaf plant potted in a textured rattan basket. More understated options are pretty olive or bay trees. And if you really don’t have space without making the room feel cluttered, think about hanging a terrarium so that your greenery floats down into the corner from the ceiling.

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Image Credit: Holiday House

7. High-ceiling corners – try a decorative screen

In our Living Room Wall Decor article, we looked at how to use room separating screens in your interior. Room dividers emphasise your lofty heights by showing that you can not only comfortably fit in their tall profile, but that there’s still plenty of room on top. The one thing to say about using a decorative screen as a living corner idea, is that they have a bigger footprint; they fold out to cover the corner and a chunk of the walls either side. So, bigger living rooms will take them better.

"Screens work especially well as living room corner idea if you’ve got high ceilings."

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Image Credit: Elicyon

8. Corners with a view – ideal for a small workspace

Another living room corner idea to try – especially if you’ve got a view to look onto – is to create a mini home office. It’s all part of your zoned layout – using living room corner furniture to give the impression of another room within a room. Not only does it make your living room more functional but it actually makes it feel like a bigger space because you’ve carved out areas for different tasks all within one room. There are lots of desks that are on the small-side, so choose a writing desk and pair it with an occasional chair so you have another attractive piece of upholstery in the room.

How To Decorate Empty Living Room Corners | Interior design by Tineke Triggs | Photography by Aubrie Pick | Via Davis Gonthier |

Image Credit: Design by Tineke Triggs, Artistic Designs for Living; Photography by Aubrie Pick; Via Davis Gonthier

9. Boring Living Room Corners – Display a Unique Sculpture

Make the most of a bland and empty living room corners by displaying a unique art sculpture (or two!). Sculptures are one of the best living room corner ideas and can simply fill an empty space or make a statement like in this Tineke Triggs living room. Whether placed on a pedestal or high table or displayed on its own, a sculpture is a designer favourite way to add interest to an unexpected space. Be sure to choose a piece which doesn’t need to be seen from multiple angles because the backside will hardly be viewable.

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