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Kelly Hoppen on 2016 Interior Design Trends

Plush rugs and paler woods are just two of Kelly’s 2016 design trends

Jade Bloomfield By Jade BloomfieldEditor

Everyone’s favourite queen of taupe, interior designer Kelly Hoppen, is renowned for her refreshing neutral look – the ideal tonic for a new year. But, as a designer to the rich and famous, she’s equally valuable for her comments on upcoming trends. We caught up with Kelly to discover some of her thoughts on 2016 interior design trends.

“The trends I see coming and staying are more eclectic than ever with a lot of thought behind them. Woods, ceramic and stone are the most important elements in a home as they are a great base and starting point for people to build on. To be on trend it’s all about getting the right balance of each. Mix and match a pale wood with darker stone in flowing lines and pair with ceramic to give the illusion of length and height.”

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Interior Design Trend 1: Oversized Coffee Tables

“Big coffee tables are very on trend at the moment, and the larger the coffee table the better!” enthuses the London designer who celebrated 40 years in the business last year, Side tables and coffee tables are now taking centre-stage and the more interesting mix of metals there are, juxtaposed with wood and lacquer, the easier it is to create a statement piece.”

When it comes to coffee tables, the line is “the more monolithic the better”. Take the living room of Kelly’s Beirut project (above) as your inspiration. The bright and airy space houses two colossal, matching designs – the perfect platform for your carefully chosen vases, coffee table books and ornaments

Interior Design Trend 2: Black and White

“Black and white flooring and vintage floor tiles are going to have a huge come back, especially when mixed with marble furniture as the combination of textures will give an unexpected edge,” Kelly says of the eternally chic pairing’s revival, which can be truly taken as gospel from the designer whose 2016 renovation of her home was all about the monochrome.

Monochrome is undoubtedly one of this year’s biggest looks with many brands promoting the duo at respected trade shows such as MAISON & OBJET

Interior Design Trend 3: Layered Lighting

Unseen lighting is the newest trend for lights but the ones that everyone will want to have are white ironwork lights,” Kelly claims before explaining, “They resemble vintage chalk but are so stylish when mixed with wonderful vintage lighting. This will be such a big trend as, for a while, people have thought hidden lights are great on their own but really you need the textural lighting that comes from lamps in order to make it a complete setting.

Master the industrial look with effortless metallic tabletop designs, barely-there floor lamps and cage-like chandeliers in everything from unrefined textures to glossy metals for a modern take.

Interior Design Trend 4: Sunken Rugs

Rugs are back in full force and the best is yet to come with a new style that are sunk into the wooden floorboards giving a luxurious 5-star feel.

The thought of sunken rugs dotted around a home like little unexpected islands of plushness is a dream. Opt for silken designs for pure luxury, geometric ones for a bit of pattern play and a touch of colour to revive your space.

Interior Design Trend 5: Finishes to Know

“Mixing grey, taupe, blonde and white woods instead of black will be the biggest trend in wood floors and joinery.”

“The [five] metals that are set to be the biggest trend are bronze, nickel, rose gold, white wrought iron, and beaten black metal,” the designer explains.

With metal furniture continuing to be huge this year, many designers are looking outside of the box and championing different configurations – stackable table nests, marble or wood-topped designs and – as well as unique ways to use or apply it to furniture design. As featured in our October Instagram round up, furniture designers like Stefan Bishop and Reinier Bosch are utilising a liquid metal aesthetic in their designs whilst others are pouring metal into the natural crevices of wood and concrete to create unique surfaces.

Kelly highlights another trend in surface finishes: “The use of white matte lacquer for internal doors is a chic way to update a room, especially in the kitchen. Gone are the days of shiny surfaces – it’s all about matte!”

Interior Design Trend 6: Clever Colouring

“For 2016, I think we’ll see many using colour half way up the wall and leaving the rest neutral,” Kelly explains, “Give this your own stamp of personality by creating an imaginary dado rail using another colour, similar to the way the Victorians would use panel-like features.”