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Interior Design Resolutions for 2016

Interior Design Resolutions for 2016

Learn how the industry’s top talents plan to spend 2016

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions and (already) broken them, you’re not alone. But fear not – today is a new day! If they’re that important to you, just start again. And might we suggest that amongst “going to the gym four times a week”, “actually calling (not texting) friends” and other personal resolutions, a few design resolutions wouldn’t go amiss and would help you to appreciate your home in a new light.

As we thought about our design goals, we were interested to hear from a few of the interior world’s tastemakers and what they have planned for the new year. Can you guess who needs to unpack all of their artwork? Or which colour fan’s changing her tactics to embrace a tranquil look? We’re excited about 2016 just thinking about them.

Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Shawn Henderson New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Shawn Henderson

“If you don’t already have nice tableware, take the time to invest in some. I love mixing the refined and rustic. It makes for an interesting table setting.”

Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Katharine Pooley New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Katharine Pooley

“After an incredibly busy and demanding year both at home and at work – it amazes me how quickly my children have grown – I am hoping for a calm and peaceful 2016.

I find I am drawn, more than ever, to serene, light spaces. My own home is currently accessorised with soft cashmere throws, cut crystal vases filled with white blossoms and mother of pearl and natural shagreen accents. If introduced selectively, beautiful accessories such as these instantly create a lighter palette and a softer mood in any interior.”

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Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Kelly Hoppen New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Kelly Hoppen

“The days of fad trends are long gone, thank goodness! Everything today is about “how you live in spaces”, which is what I have always advocated. Heading forward into 2016 it is about how it fits you. Interior design should fit like a Savile Row suit; perfectly made to measure. The trends I see coming and staying are more eclectic than ever with a lot of thought behind them. Woods, ceramic and stone are the most important elements in a home as they are a great base and starting point for people to build on.”

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Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Brendan Wong New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Brendan Wong

“In 2016 my studio has projects that will continue to challenge us creatively and develop our premium client service into new territory. I am currently developing a custom lighting and furniture range – expect to see luminous glass, warm metals, precious stones and ebonised timber.”

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Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Amanda Nisbet New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Amanda Nisbet

“Although I’ve been known to be quite the colour girl, this year my design resolution is to embrace the softer, calming hues in my work and in my life. I am being drawn to soothing shades of white, cream, and pink. Embracing the calm, cool and collected this year also means I plan to refocus my energies, edit away the unnecessary clutter, and focus on what I truly love – and I plan to encourage my design clients to do the same!”

Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Jean-Louis Deniot New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Jean-Louis Deniot

“My 2016 design resolution is to empty out every single thing I have in storage facilities. After years of collecting treasures and storing them, it’s easy to forget what’s in there, and the thought of losing track of my own stuff puts me into a panic. I cannot wait to display and actually get to enjoy all the pieces that have been trapped in boxes all these years in my new houses in Miami, LA and the south of Spain. Fasten your seat belts – those decors are going to make some noise!”

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Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Janine Stone New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Janine Stone

“I am hugely interested in all things relating to the British interior and its history, so I shall make some quality time this year to visit Sir John Soane’s Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Likewise I shall also be visiting the V&A to catch the ‘Botticelli Reimagined’ exhibition. The exhibition promises to be thrilling and will explore how artists and designers from the Pre-Raphaelites to present day responded to the extraordinary legacy of Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510).

We are just completing the refurbishment of a significant 6-storey house in Belgravia. It has been in gestation for a little over 2 years and we are now in its final stages of completion, It is very rewarding when a project completes and you have managed to retain the essence and heart of the home but simultaneously delivered something completely fresh and inspirational for a new generation to live in and enjoy.

The property has been taken back to the bare brick and I have reimagined the space for a young family. We have worked with many of our trusted artisans and suppliers, each showcasing their expertise and talents to the full. The palette is rich and layered with lots of finely observed textures from flooring, furniture and surface detail to the textiles and ornamentation.”

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Interior Design Resolutions for 2016 | Tobi Fairley New Years Resolutions | Style Guide
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Tobi Fairley

“I have several design resolutions for 2016 – one of them is to finally finish my own house! A designer’s work is never done, especially in their own homes, but I am excited to finish the renovation in April and then finalise the design by this summer.

I’m also setting a resolution to help my clients have more functional homes. We as designers can always give them a pretty home, but that doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t a home that really works for the way that they live in the rooms, or gives them the space, flexibility, and organisation that their family needs. Function and form need to go hand in hand!”