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Inside The Barbie DreamHouse

Complete with a walk-in wardrobe, bar and spiral slide, this is the ultimate fantasy home.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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Few homes have sparked a love of aspirational interiors in children quite like Barbie’s Dreamhouse. With its outdoor pool, walk-in wardrobe and unapologetically pink scheme, it’s the embodiment of childhood fantasy. Without any semblance of practicality or even a working oven, the Dreamhouse is the ultimate example of dopamine dressing.

And, with Greta Gerwig at the helm of Warner Bros latest blockbuster, Barbie, the Dreamhouse has been brought to life in all of its plastic glory by production designer Sarah Greenwood.

Recreate the look with an open plan design, plenty of plastic and an array of pastel hues. Embrace 60s poolside umbrellas, 70s screen walls and 80s plastic seating to achieve the same feel as the most enthusiastic combination of interior styles the big screen has seen in a while.

Looking for an approach more suited to the real-world? Consider introducing pink furniture and decor throughout your space, opting for dusty or millennial pink hues to bring life to more neutral spaces, or look to the advice of LuxDeco 100 designer Natalia Miyar as she explains how to put a sophisticated spin on pink.