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9 Ideas to Decorate & Fill Empty Bedroom Corners


Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Bedroom scheme all mapped out from decisions on lighting to the furniture floor plan, but have you considered bedroom corner ideas?

Making certain that no nook gets overlooked is a fast track to a complete and considered interior design vision rather than them being places that dust gathers.

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There’s no harm in stealing corner ideas from other parts of the home too–look to living room corners for inspiration on filling empty bedrooms corners with furniture, or to smaller rooms like home offices and even bathrooms for ideas on home accessories and lighting in particular.

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For a one-stop-shop on what you can do to make sure your bedroom corners aren’t ignored, read this guide…

9 Ways to Decorate & Fill Empty Bedroom Corners - Awkward Bedroom Corners - A.London - Style Guide
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1. Empty Corners: Include additional seating

One of the go-to ways for filling an empty bedroom corner is to add seating.

This all depends on the size of your room and whether there are any built-in wardrobes. But when mapping out what furniture you’re going to place where, it’s worth looking at whether there’s an alternative, feasible layout that means you can add in a seat in. Think as big and small as you desire and your room allows.

Brice Swivel Chair
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Brice Swivel Chair
From £1,475

A chaise longue adds romance to a lonely corner but an armchair or occasional chair becomes somewhere to drape clothes as you’re getting undressed or to relax and read away from the busyness of the living room.

If there’s a window close to the corner, there’s always the option of a footstool that will double up as a window seat.

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2. Corner Walls: Extend your headboard

Bedroom corner ideas aren’t all a case of physical things that occupy floorspace. Don’t underestimate the effect that wall and window treatments can have on making a corner feel fuller.

For bedrooms where your luxury bed dominates most of the width of the wall, you can extend the headboard beyond the frame, taking it to the edges of the wall it’s against. The result is an edgy, design-led aesthetic that entertains your eye so much that the corner asks for nothing else.

Anything more would feel cluttered and cumbersome. This is a look that doesn’t translate as well when the edges of the bed are far away from the two corners of the room–the headboard becomes far too elongated and out of proportion.

Esmeralda Bed
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Esmeralda Bed
From £3,005

Here, you can create a similar effect by picking up on a key colour or material from the headboard and making a feature wall. For example, in the Elicyon bedroom pictured, they’ve used a blonde-toned wood that’s similar to the natural colours of the upholstered headboard and clad the entire wall.

The headboard and wall effect blend together and flood up to the ceiling and along to each corner, again ensuring the corners feel attended to and decorated.

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3. Smaller Bedroom Corners: Use twin bedside tables

The perfect bedroom corner furniture solution for smaller spaces. Matching bedside tables that slot either side of the bed are an expected sight in a bedroom, making them a natural filler. In a room short on square meterage though, you expect to see less furniture.

Mont Blanc Night Stand
Aria Home
Mont Blanc Night Stand

Therefore, choosing a bed and bedside cabinet combination that all work togethereven if it means the outer edges of the tables are tucked in so tight that they make contact with the wall–can have the effect of making the room seem larger (not to mention balanced because of the symmetry).

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4. Corner Window Dressing: Hang curtains from wall to wall

Chosen bedroom curtains rather than shutters or a blind? Instead of a pole, hark back to tradition with a curtain track, but instead of a flouncy pelmet to cover it, have it recessed into the ceiling and take the track into the corner of your bedroom, even if your window ends sooner.

Similar to the extended headboard idea, supersizing makes more of a statement, but with a window treatment, it adds texture into the very crease of your bedroom corner.

Curtains on a pole, even with the slimmest of finials, always means there’s a bit of a gap, but the concealed track approach allows the snuggest fit of all.

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5. Window Corners: Create a cosy reading nook

Taking the focus back to somewhere to sit down, this next idea is linked to how you might use bedroom corner seating. Having an armchair is one thing, but designing the seat to be as cosy and comforting as can be is another. Cue the reading nook. 1508 London’s bedroom corner seat shows how you can achieve bedroom glamour and sophistication along with curl-up appeal in one swoop. By upholstering this modern chaise longue in a neutral fabric and pairing it with a deep blue cushion, 1508 have shown just how the experts tie a room together.

Bambou Bookrest
Bambou Bookrest
9 ideas to Decorate empty bedroom corners | Style Guide
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6. Larger Bedroom Corners: Add a vanity table and stool

Bedside tables aren’t the only bedroom corner tables to think about. Installing a vanity table (or even a writing desk) reveals a whole new part to your bedroom–a dressing area. Lots of furniture in a room can quickly become overfilled and overcrowded, but too little furniture and the environment feels sparse.

Adding extra pieces like a dressing table and stool pad it out and mean you make the most of the available floor space. A dressing table corner unit and pouffe will also alter your bedroom’s atmosphere, embodying serenity and femininity.

Walton Shagreen Dressing Table
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Walton Shagreen Dressing Table
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7. Empty Floor Corners: Choose accent floor lamps

Floor lamps and sitting rooms go hand in hand, but floor lamps and bedrooms are less commonplace.

Conversations in bedroom lighting fixate on bedside lamps, overhead pendants or perhaps wall sconces. But a floor lamp will take pride of place in an empty bedroom corner, bringing a warm glow to what could be an otherwise dark and sombre spot.

Voltaire Floor Lamp
Liang & Eimil
Voltaire Floor Lamp

If their stem is decorative, try not to let any furniture block it so that the lighting fixture can be as much of a feature as the rays it emits. But if your chosen floor lamp is relatively simple in design, think about layering it with another of your bedroom corner tactics so they work in harmony.

A floor lamp positioned behind a dressing table or chair means you’ll benefit from the light thrown downwards.

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8. Bright Corners: Reflect light using mirrors

One of the main interior design principles but one that most people quote time and time again is to use mirrors as a tool to bounce and amplify the level of light in a room.

There’s no reason why this philosophy can’t apply to a bright bedroom corner.

Keep things simple by introducing a freestanding mirror or a floor one that can be angled and leant across the corner.

East Hampton Round Mirror
East Hampton Round Mirror

Or, maximise the mirrored effect by resurrecting a mirrored wall (perhaps on the front of a bank of fitted wardrobe doors) that flows into one of your bedroom’s corners.

Much like how a floor light in the corner of the room brings light to a shadowed area, mirrors will help it to be anything but dark and shadowed.

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9. Bedroom Corner Accessories: Dress window sills

In bedrooms where the window runs into the corner, or corners, of the room, and partially blocking them with furniture is a no-go, use the window ledges as opportunities for decoration.

Blush Shagreen Heart Box
Blush Shagreen Heart Box

A vase of artificial flowers, a calming scented candle to light before bed, a stack of books or jewellery boxes are all worthy bedroom corner accessories for window ledges.

And if the windows are full-length, there’s often still a window sill, except it will be at ground level. Here, you’ll need height to be sure your bedroom corner gets the attention it deserves–taller potted plants will fast become your best friends.