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Behind the Design with Charu Gandhi: The OWO Raffles Residences
Eliycon founder, Charu Gandhi takes us inside the newly renovated OWO Raffles Residences.
By Jon Sharpe
Chief Creative Officer
Modern Country Interiors | Interior design by Louise Bradley | Luxury Country Dining Room | The Luxurist
Modern Country Interior Design Inspiration
The industry’s go-to design elements for contemporary country interiors
Discover the Modern Country Lookbook
Explore the lookbook focused on relaxed country living
By Jon Sharpe
Chief Creative Officer
Discover the Minimalism Lookbook
Explore the Lookbook centred on pared-back luxury
Guillaume Alan | Parisian Interiors | The Luxurist |
Minimalist Interior Design Defined
There’s more to minimalist interior design than meets the eye
Christmas Decorating Ideas: What’s Your Festive Style?
Use these stylish ideas as your guide to styling this Christmas
By Joanne Quinn
Senior Interior Designer
Discover The Christmas Lookbook | The Luxurist | LuxDeco
Discover The Christmas Lookbook
Make this Christmas one for the ages.
Get The Look: Coastal Grandma
From linen sofas to beachy whitewashed wood furniture, this is how to master the coastal grandma aesthetic.
Biophilic Interior Design | Image courtesy of Louise Bradley | Read more in The Luxurist at
Discover The Biophilic Lookbook
Explore the Lookbook rooted in your wellbeing
Biophilic design |
What Is Biophilic Design?
Meet the design style rooted in your wellbeing
By Linda Holmes
Interiors Director
Luxury Ski Chalet Interiors | Ski Lodge & Cabin Designs |
7 Luxury Ski Chalet Interior Design Ideas
Whether it’s a ski chalet or a lakeside cabin, here’s how to master outdoorsy elegance
Memphis Design | Photograph courtesy of Dennis Zanone | Read more and shop the look in The Luxurist at
Celebrating the Style Revolution of Memphis Design
Striking a brazen one-style battle against minimalism since 1981