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How To Perfect the Art Deco Interior Design Style | LuxDeco

How To Perfect Art Deco Interior Design

David Collins’ sage advice for perfecting the trending 20s look

Linda Holmes
By Linda Holmes, Interiors Director

Influenced by exotic motifs from far-flung locales, old Hollywood glamour and sleek geometric designs, the Art Deco epoch offered some of the 20th century’s most iconic and glamorous interiors. Design maestro David Collins shares his tips on how to get the Art Deco interior design look.

1. Combine simple lines with antiques

“Bold and geometrically interesting pieces command attention in a space and are such an Art Deco trick. A striking console looks stunning placed beneath an angular mirror and enhanced with a much-loved family heirloom to complete the look.”

2. Opt for exotic finishes

“Anything maple, silver, gold, ebony or ivory is Art Deco incarnate. Glamorous gold leafing, high-gloss lacquers and geometric woods are all characteristic of the revolutionary style.”

3. Choose furniture with soft lines and interesting textures

“Off-set the style’s angular furniture with rounded upholstered chairs and sofas which are both beautiful and comfortable. Curved designs in plush velvet are perfect for Art Deco inspired spaces.”

4. Mix in homeware with geometric patterns

“We love the mesmerising radial patterns of the woods used in Deco interiors which instantly add interest to a room. If you want to start slowly, think about incorporating your patterns into your accessories like cushions and trinket boxes.”

5. Use an atmospheric lighting scheme

“To finish the look, go for a lighting scheme that is moody and worth of a 1920s Parisian bar. It is to a room as highlighter is to a woman’s makeup. Put your most important features in the spotlight with plenty of low-key accent lighting. Structural wall sconces create a dramatic effect and are very Art Deco.”