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Introducing The Tastemakers: A LuxDeco Podcast

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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Introducing The Tastemakers: A LuxDeco Podcast—our newest and perhaps most direct content platform to date. In this venture into the world of podcasting, we bring the insightful stories and inspirational talents of The Luxurist to listeners in a different way. Through the words and stories of illustrious guests—leading designers and influencers from all areas of interior design—we connect listeners to those whose style they most admire, the designers they have followed in The Luxurist and on social media for many years.

The show launched yesterday with the promise of “intimate conversations with the world’s leading tastemakers”. With a starting line up of Katharine Pooley, IIDA British Interior Designer of the Decade; Greg Natale, a High Point Luxury International Designer of the Year; and Francis Sultana, Architectural Digest 100 (not to mention Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Brigitta Spinocchia Freund whose episodes will be launching in the next two weeks), the “world’s leading tastemakers” guarantee came through.

And the intimate conversations? Well, so far the one-on-one chats have featured designers from the comfort of their very own homes, talking about their journey into design, the styles and looks for which they are most renowned, defining moments in their style development and some revealing questions about their taste and home life.

The podcast launches with three exciting episodes with inspiring guests from the LuxDeco 100 list.

Episode 1: How Travel Inspires Design features IIDA British Interior Designer of the Decade Katharine Pooley. Katharine talks about her love of travel from a young age, how travelling influences her design work and shares with listeners an epiphany she had at the top of Mount Vinson—the highest peak in the Antarctic.

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In Episode 2: Fortune Favours the Brave, International Luxury Designer of the Year Greg Natale discusses his lifelong design confidence and how you can find your own individual brand of boldness. He also reveals a love of a particularly iconic 80s show and how it influenced his designs.

And in Episode 3: Design As Art, celebrated AD100 furniture and interior designer Francis Sultana reveals his unique understanding of furniture and interiors as more than design disciplines and his treatment of them as art forms.

Soon to be launched are episodes with AD100 celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard (Episode 4: Designing The Celebrity Aesthetic) and interior designer to London’s elite and beyond Brigitta Spinocchia Freund (Episode 5: The Future of Fashion and Design). New episodes will launch regularly with guests selected from the LuxDeco 100 list and the wider world of interior design and luxury lifestyle.

Hosted by LuxDeco Chief Creative Officer Jon Sharpe, each episode features insightful episode topics tailored to the guest as well as regular episode sections including Who, What, Where & Why (four questions which aim to reveal a little bit more about the Tastemaker), How I Live (a section exploring the homes of our Tastemakers) and A Question of Taste (a quick fire round about taste and sometimes the lack thereof).

As someone who spends a vast majority of her working week talking to designers, there really is no better way to be inspired by influential designers than hearing their stories in their own words.

Jon agrees. “Whilst we love to read about our designers and see their outstanding projects in The Luxurist, hearing from them directly is a real delight,” he reveals. “We hope that the podcast provides a more personal insight into the lives and style of these renowned tastemakers, allowing them to tell their inspiring stories in their own way.”

And for those that love to draw back the curtain, there are just the right amount of searching, often playful and sometimes controversial questions thrown in for good measure. Don’t miss out.

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