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Introducing The Wimbledon Collection

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Casual living has a refined new look courtesy of the Wimbledon Collection. Prioritising the relationship between life and design, the collection offers a layered narrative that redraws the lines of luxury.


“The Wimbledon Collection is a great example of one of the many faces of luxury,” explains Joanne Quinn, LuxDeco Studio's senior interior designer and the creative leading the collection’s creation, “It’s a modern alternative to the grand proportions and intricacies of classic luxury—one which values unique shapes, natural beauty and comfortable finishes above all.”

It’s an accurate synopsis for a collection which tells the story of lived-in luxury. Lived-in, in this case, meaning consciously layered with personal touches, instantly inviting thanks to warming palettes and textures, and clearly bearing the mark of a thoughtful designer’s hand. (Don’t let it’s relaxed demeanour fool you—it’s not entirely without work, of course.)

Neutral Living Room Style | Luxury Interior Design | Shop our Wimbledon Collection at

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“Our favourite way to create a really well-rounded, comfortable space,” Joanne reveals, “is to imagine that space in a few years time when the client has had the chance to settle in and make it his or her own. That’s why the Wimbledon Collection works so well. It feels really welcoming; a lot of that is because we thought about the comfort of whoever would live there.”

Non-negotiable comfort is arguably the most defining characteristic of modern luxury. Of course, luxury furniture in the past has aimed to be comfortable, to accommodate the user—the bergère comes to mind—but too many times function was often overshadowed by form.

With modern luxury, there isn’t a question that function is as essential as its aesthetic-driven counterpart and, luckily, the advancements of contemporary furniture design make it so that that is possible.


The Wimbledon Collection is altogether confident in its comfortable casualness. It forgoes tall, handsome furniture for lower profiles, trades delicate crystal chandeliers for candle-trimmed ones, and chooses rustic woods over high-gloss finishes.

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It features emerging designers with established brands and interesting statement pieces with low-key designs in a way that is somewhat of a riff on high-low dressing—though not in quality but certainly in attitude.

Yet the collection feels cohesive. These contrasts are subtle enough that they don’t detract from its inherent relaxed vibe but simply add to its just-right appeal.

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Helvetia Chandelier
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The living room, as an example, is natural but refined, blending sustainable reclaimed wood and quietly confident silhouettes with velvet armchairs and modern lighting. A geometric coffee table duo, a contemporary Eichholtz sofa, and a simple 1950s-inspired mirror are the call of the day for the ultimate in laidback luxury living room style.

The room’s confidence culminates in its choice of an ever-captivating colour palette—vibrant splashes of emerald green against tones of neutral—which is nothing but invigorating.

“We really wanted to use green in the living room because it’s so versatile,” Joanne explains, “Being such a natural colour, it gives a calming, familiar feel but it can also be bold. The swivel armchairs are a perfect example. Dimensional but totally liveable.”

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Liveability rules supreme in this collection; its other rooms following suit of the living room. The breakfast room (just off of the luxury kitchen) seems to be conscious of itself, seemingly challenging our too-long-held belief that luxury dining requires a formal dining set.

The space complements a smaller, pedestal dining table and chair set with upholstered bar stools at the marble breakfast bar—the new-normal for luxury apartments and townhomes in busy cities.

Melchior Round Dining Table, Washed Oak
Melchior Round Dining Table, Washed Oak

The bedrooms champion luxury liveability too. From space to breathe—an important, sometimes underused element of design—to the breaking of style conventions, they offer a new route to luxury living.

The route for the navy blue master bedroom seems to include making the case for luxury eclecticism. With a luxuriously comfortable Art Deco bed, easy Mid-century bedside tables and contemporary cane decor and artwork, it proves that it’s in the mix of old styles and new that a space is made more liveable.

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Joanne weighs in: “These days more and more people are becoming aware of just how flexible interiors can be and how certain ways things were done in the past might not work for them anymore. It’s all dependent on the person and their lifestyle. Yes, there are still some design “rules” which make one space more successful than another but there’s also a lot of flexibility. This collection was designed to show that.”