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Kelly Hoppen Gives Her Best Piece Of Advice

The esteemed interior designer reveals her top tips on her most frequently asked questions.

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor
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Known for her trademark monochromatic colour palette, award winning designer and LuxDeco100 honouree Kelly Hoppen reveals her best pieces of advice when it comes to designing a note-worthy home. Think subtle fusions of clean lines and neutral tones, contemporary bathroom accessories and statement-making monolithic sculptures, all available in her Kelly Hoppen x SV CASA collection, exclusive to LuxDeco. 

For elevating a simple bathroom space 

"Bathrooms are spaces that can often be used for more than just their base function. While they are places to wash and get ready for the day they also act as an oasis to unwind and relax. While it can be costly to refute entire units, accessories and fixtures/fittings can do wonders when it comes to elevating a bathroom from dull to chic. Adding marble touches is a favourite of mine as it adds soft tones and natural glamour, this could be as simple as adding soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Another key touch is to add luxury taps. Whether you go for a statement brass colour or a classic silver design, I advise investing in quality fixtures.  Finally, all rooms should have multidimensional aspects and a big part of this is scent, candles and flowers can not only change the appearance of a room but the scent adds a whole other level to a space."

Jet Tumbler, Black
Kelly Hoppen X SV CASA
Jet Tumbler, Black

For adding depth to a space without adding colour

"One of the best ways to create depth and the illusion of more space in a room is to use mirrors.  They reflect light to brighten spaces and act as stunning statement pieces. Alternatively, I also love using a mixture of light and dark, playing with lamps, natural light and shadows to add depth to a room. For example, architectural lighting can draw focus onto features, I particularly like using this on staircases."

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For someone who doesn’t know where to start with lighting

"Lighting is one of the key elements of a design and so first things first, you need to consider where the natural light hits and then consider where it is dark in a room. What will be your focal point and how can you illuminate this? Working with and not against natural light is key and it may even determine how you use your room.

I always say the secret to good lighting is to make sure it's flexible enough to adjust the brightness. Lighting is all about layering and so it's important to be able to control the different lighting elements separately, tweaking each one's brightness until you create an atmosphere that's right for you."

Scala Table Lamp
Visual Comfort & Co.
Scala Table Lamp

For designing a timeless space

"‘Timeless design is as interesting as it is actually very personal. The measure of time for a design is actually all about you… creating a space that is both functional and brings joy even as your lifestyle evolves. For this, I  say step away from quick trends and focus more on creating spaces that feel like you, whether that's colours, textures or materials. Think about quality. If you know you will use an item in a room over and over again, it's better to invest a little extra in this piece and get used out of it for longer. Coffee tables, beds and big furnishing are those bread and butter items of a room that you’ll always need and use so it's important to pick one that brings you joy, and comfort and that's built to last."

Never mix cool and warm undertones - pick one or the other and stick to it.

For helping someone find their personal style

"Personal style is less about aesthetics and more about how you feel. I always say look at your wardrobe for example and more often than not, your favourite outfits will show you the colours that bring you the most joy, then add touches of these colours to your interiors."

Linden Large Table Lamp, Black
Kelly Wearstler
Linden Large Table Lamp, Black

For working with a monochrome palette

"Monochrome palettes are all stylish and elegant and remind me of old-school glamour. Its all about consistency, the biggest tip I can give is to never mix cool and warm undertones, pick one or the other and stick to it. "