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LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Coastal Elegance

LuxDeco’s Linda Holmes on Coastal Elegance

The interiors director talks Coastal Elegance – a key look for spring/summer

Jade Bloomfield
By Jade Bloomfield, Editor

Epitomising the relaxed pace and natural beauty of bayside life, the Coastal Elegance collection encapsulates one of the defining looks for this season. Tranquil seaside tones – from deep azure to sea-foam green – are paired with natural materials to achieve an organic aesthetic. While country furniture silhouettes are flattered with sophisticated India Ink finishes, offering a manor-like aesthetic and a polished touch to the look.

We caught up with LuxDeco’s Interiors Director, Linda Holmes, to find out the inspiration behind the collection, her favourite pieces and tips when it comes to embracing the covetable look at home.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the Coastal Elegance collection?

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I’ve always been very drawn to the coastal landscape, especially the colours and organic treasures you find at the beach. I live by the sea and find myself constantly looking to my coastal surroundings for inspiration. Those calming blue and green tones have always appealed to me and are perfect for introducing a beautifully fresh feel to interiors. They’re timeless too, which is another huge plus.

I’ve never liked twee, over-designed looks, so I really wanted to create a relaxed yet sophisticated aesthetic when curating the look for this collection. Coastal Elegance is all about striking that perfect balance between ultra-classy and casual interior design.

"Those calming blue and green tones have always appealed to me and are perfect for introducing a beautifully fresh feel to interiors"

There are lots of sea green and blue tones in the collection. Are you expecting tranquil coastal palettes to be big this year?

Very much so. Coastal colours were very dominant at trade shows in Milan and at MAISON&OBJET in Paris. I can definitely see them being big this year and beyond, especially being used as accents colours against neutral backdrops. With spring/summer and new beginnings upon us, these light, fresh blue and green tones are ideal for this time of year.

You’ve incorporated lots of natural objets into the collection. What do organic materials bring to an interior?

Textures add interest to even the simplest of spaces, and so many natural materials and organic-inspired objects feature incredibly tactile surfaces. We looked to coral sculptures, marble disks and horn objets, starfish and fossil shells…the list goes on! These pieces are all great examples of how unique accents can really add character and a sense of natural beauty. Mother Nature has given us so many beautiful materials after all – let’s embrace them!

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Elegant silhouettes offer a refined country look. Can you talk us through your thinking behind the furniture choices?

With this collection, I wanted a modern take on a traditional look. I was keen to curate a range of furniture that would work perfectly at home in a beautiful country house, and just as well as in a smaller urban space. I love dark woods so I chose pieces with a rich India Ink finish and mixed them with lighter hues: it’s a great juxtaposition. We also went for a pea-arm sofa – this classic country silhouette is one of the all-time bestselling sofa shapes. Very contemporary, elegant lines but with a traditional feel is what we set out to achieve.

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Is there one look from the collection that stands out for you?

It’s such a close call between the dining room and the denim-blue bedroom, but I think it has to be the dining room because it rolls so many of my favourite design elements into one space. As I’ve said, I love very clean lines and the furniture designs deliver simple yet stately silhouettes. And I always like textures in interiors, so our in-house design team created a stunning dining chair with paisley-embossed upholstery. There are so many instances of great texture in this room, from the sleek rug right down to the artichokes placed on each dinner plate.

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What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

The team can always spot my favourite pieces as I end up getting them for my own home! I absolutely love the white octopus candle holder – it’s so unusual. And I particularly like the Chatalet chandelier in the dining room, which was beautiful close up. Oh, and I love all the coral pieces.

The collection has an undoubtedly timeless feel, but how easy is it to update this look to keep it feeling fresh over time?

Because the neutral colourways make such a great foundation you can refresh this whole look by adding just a few new cushions or changing your accent colour. Changing your artwork every season can also add a new zing. During the winter months, you could style this look effortlessly with dark red and rich green hues.

I always design a room with a versatile base that can be easily transformed with just a few new additions. All the looks in this collection really lend themselves well to being updated with simple fresh touches.

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